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Makers on the Move

mobile STEMMakers on the Move is a STEM outreach program sponsored by the TTU College of Engineering Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center. The goals and objectives of the program are as follows:

  • Increase high school students’ knowledge of STEM, especially in relation to engineering, through a curriculum emphasizing STEM and entrepreneurial-based principles.
  • Increase high school students’ interest in engineering and other STEM fields by providing them with a hands-on experience with a variety of engineering products.

The goals of the program will be realized by providing two different opportunities to schools:

  • The Student Teams have the opportunity to take their designs to high schools for on-site visits where they explain how they use science, technology, engineering, and mathematical concepts in their major to produce their projects.
  • The Millard Oakley STEM Center’s STEMmobile serves as a mobile “maker space” for College of Engineering students to lead lessons centered on STEM concepts.

Makers on the Move reflects a national push towards better STEM education. In 2013, the Committee on STEM Education National Science and Technology Council presented a Strategic Plan to build better STEM education. Part of what that means is developing Maker Spaces and creating a “Nation of Makers.” President Obama celebrated the “National Week of Making” in June 2015.
Tennessee Tech has been actively involved in the development of a Nation of Makers through participating in the Maker Schools alliance and by constructing a makerspace (iCube) in the TTU Volpe Library. In addition, the Formula Car Competition Team was invited to attend the National Maker Faire in Washington, D.C. in June 2015.

If you are a high school teacher interested in participating in this program and inviting one of our innovative, award-winning teams or the STEMmobile, staffed by student volunteers, to your high school, please contact Harry Ingle at 931-372-3833 for more information.

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The STEMmobile is a 53-foot trailer furnished with six steel lab/work stations, six large flat screen televisions and a classroom set of iPads.


Mobile "maker space" for hands-on STEM activities.

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