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The Student Success Center offers FREE peer tutoring in Clement 208. Please see the list below for times and available courses. Appointments are not necessary.

Blake Eddy MW (12:20-2:20 PM); F (10:15 AM-12:15 PM)

CHEM 1110 General Chemistry 1
CHEM 1120 General Chemistry 2
CSC 2100 Intro to Computer Programming
CSC 1310 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC 2310 Object-Oriented Programming
CSC 2500 Unix Lab
CSC 2400 Design of Algorithms
CSC 2700 Discrete Structures
CSC 2710 Foundations of CSC
CSC 3300 Database Management

Brandon In T (9:30-11:30 AM); W (8:30-9:30 AM); TR (9:30-11:30 AM)

CSC 1300 Intro to Problem Solving and Computer Programming
Math 1910 Calculus

Nick Staggs T (9:00 AM-Noon); TR (9:00-11:00 AM)

Math 1910 - Calculus 1
Math 1920 - Calculus 2
Engr 1110 - Graphics
Cee 2110 - Statics
Me 3010 - Materials and Processes in Manufacturing
Me 3210 - Thermodynamics 1
Me 3220 - Thermodynamics 2
Me 3710 - Heat Transfer
Me 3720 - Fluid Mechanics



Supplemental Instruction is an academic assistance program that utilizes peer-assisted study sessions. Sessions are regularly scheduled, informal review sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and predict test items. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together. The sessions are facilitated by “SI leaders”, students who have previously done well in the course and who attend all class lectures, take notes, and act as model students.

SI is a “free service” offered to all students in a targeted course. The SI program targets high-risk courses. All students are encouraged to attend SI sessions, as it is a voluntary program. Students with varying levels of academic preparedness and diverse ethnicities can participate.

National data shows that on average students who attend the SI model we use receive half to a full letter grade higher than those who do not attend.

Fall 2019 Supplemental Instruction

ENGR 1120:  Programming for Engineers, Section 1: Ryan Heath

ENGR 1120:  Programming for Engineers, Section 12: Serena Labelle

CSC 1300:  Intro/Problem Solving—Computer Programming, Section 1: Anthony Palmer

CSC 1300:   Intro/Problem Solving—Computer Programming, Section 2: Benjamen Thompson 

CSC 1310:   Data Structures and Algorithms, Section 2: Christopher Breeden


For more information contact Dr. Elizabeth Powell at 931-372-3540 or

** The Clay N. Hixson Student Success Center follows the model developed by the University of Missouri-Kansas City and it is administered by UMKC trained supervisors.

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