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College of Engineering Math Placement Information

Representatives from the College of Engineering and the Math Department have established math placement strategies to best support students choosing to pursue a degree within the College of Engineering.

The College of Engineering has additional program requirements (outlined here - See Programs with Additional Requirements) and students admitted to the University that do not meet the additional requirements are placed into a Student Success Program Career Track. This program assists and prepares students for entry into the engineering program of their choice as long as they meet certain academic milestones along the way.

We have outlined each path forward for students who selected one of the College of Engineering majors when applying to the University. Additionally, we've provided recommendations for newly admitted students to challenge their placement and a list of commonly asked questions to help.

College of Engineering Math Placement (back to top)

Students expecting to receive any credit (including Advancement Placement, Dual Enrollment, etc), information will be reviewed by their academic advisor once it is officially received by the university to allow any course adjustments to be completed.

Additionally, the following guide will be used to assist students in registering for the appropriate math courses during their first year.

If your ACT Math subscore is... You will start in...
27+ (or SAT Math 630+) Math 1910 Calculus I
25-26 (or SAT Math 590-620) Math 1730 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
22-24 (or SAT Math 540-580) Math 1710 Pre-Calculus Algebra AND Math 1720 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
19-21 (or SAT Math 510-530) Math 1710 - Pre-Calculus Algebra
<19 or no test score (or SAT Math <500) L section MATH 1710 - Pre-Calculus Algebra
Note: Math 1730 Pre-calculus is an equivalent to Math 1710 Pre-Calculus Algebra and 1720 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry. You may choose this option only if your ACT subscore is 25 or above (or SAT subscore is 590 or above). This information is subject to change based on reassessment each year by the College of Engineering in partnership with the Math Department.


In reference to the table above, the image below shows the progression for students based on their ACT Math subscore.

Progression to Math 1910 Calculus 1 or Math 1845 Technical Calculus

Image of arrow showing progression of math sequence for College of Engineering majors

Math Sequences listed by College of Engineering Major

Computer Science Engineering Technology (ET) All other ENGR majors
Math 1910 Calculus I Math 1710 Pre-Calculus Algebra and Math 1720 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry OR Math 1730 Pre-Calculus Mathematics Math 1910 Calculus I
Math 1920 Calculus II Math 1845 Technical Calculus Math 1920 Calculus II
Math 2010 Linear Algebra   Math 2110 Calculus III

Math 3070 Statistical Methods or

Math 3470 Intro to Probability and Statistics

  Math 2120 Differential Equations

Additional requirements recommended by advisor

Options to Challenge your Math Placement (back to top)

Admitted students have some options to challenge their Math Placement.

1. Students may retake the ACT (or SAT) to obtain a higher math subscore than initially received. Once a higher math subscore is achieved, students should send Tennessee Tech their latest scores to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (steps available here).


2. Students may choose to take the Accuplacer Placement Assessment. To schedule to take this assessment, please visit For other questions about scheduling and testing location options, contact Tennessee Tech’s Testing & Learning Center at

Commonly Asked Questions (back to top)