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Scholarships for STEM Majors Information Meeting

TTU STEM Majors as Rural Teachers (SMaRT) - Noyce Scholarship Program

Benefits - What's in it for you?

  • Want to receive up to $42,000 of support while working on your STEM-related degree with the TTU - SMaRT scholarship program?
  • Earn up to $2,000 while learning if a career in teaching is right for you.
  • Receive scholarship support of $12,250 per year for up to three years while completing your degree and obtaining a teaching license.
  • Earn up to $3,600 with an internship at TTU’s Millard Oakley STEM Center. This new opportunity is a Noyce scholarship program funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • It supports paid internships and up to three years of generous scholarships for Math, Science, and Engineering majors while you complete your degree and also obtain licensure to teach high-school Math, Physics, or Chemistry.

Please note: Applicant must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident to receive a Noyce scholarship.

About TTU - STEM Majors for Rural Teaching

Eligible Majors Include:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science

TTU/Noyce Press Release

Noyce brochure

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About the National Science Foundation & the Noyce Scholarship

The National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program supports talented science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors who want to become K-12 mathematics and science teachers.

The program funds institutions of higher education to support scholarships, stipends, and programs for students who commit to teaching in high-need K-12 school districts.

NSF Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Contacts for TTU - SMaRT Program

noyce steve robinson

Dr. Steve Robinson
Department of Physics
TTU-SMaRT Project Director
Bruner Hall, Room 227

noyce holly anthonyDr. Holly Anthony

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
TTU-SMaRT Project Director
Bartoo Hall, Room 205

Patti Reab
TTU SMaRT Noyce Scholarship Program Grant Facilitator
Ray Morris Hall, Room 113