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EXPL12 chem kids

Students will experience two hands-on, minds-on, cross-curricular, standards-aligned activities led by their teacher(s), and a Virtual Theater Experience. STEM Center staff will lead the Virtual Theater experience.

Student Capacity

Each activity can accommodate 25-30 students, led by one or more teachers.

Total capacity is 75-100 students, requiring three to four teachers, during one E(x)PEDITION.

Sample Schedule

An E(x)PEDITION is approximately 3 ½ - 4 hours in length and can be tailored to accommodate a variety of arrival and departure times. E(x)PEDITIONs are scheduled throughout the months of May and August.

15 minutes: Welcome & Orientation
50 minutes: Activity 1
50 minutes: Activity 2
50 minutes: Activity 3

Though lunch is not provided as part of the program, we can schedule a lunch break and have refrigeration on-site in which to store sack lunches and beverages.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • ARRANGE bus transportation to and from the STEM Center for teachers and students.
  • BRING a minimum of 1 teacher per 25 students. At least 2 teachers MUST be trained STEM Center User Group members or Level 2 E(x)peditioneers.
  • PROVIDE lunches and beverages for each student participant and yourself (if needed).
  • LEAD the hands-on activities for your students.
  • MANAGE students while they are guests of the Oakley STEM Center.

STEM Center Responsibilities

  • DEVELOP three activities/labs that are grade-appropriate and Tennessee Curriculum standards aligned.
  • SUPPLY materials, equipment, and learning studios as appropriate for the activities.
  • MAKE AVAILABLE “lab” instructions or activity sheets for each hands-on project.
  • FURNISH lab aids including visuals, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and other learning aids as required for the activity.
  • PROVIDE STEM Center support staff to assist with the hands-on activities and technology in the learning studios.

NOTE: Though STEM Center staff is available for support, it is the teachers’ responsibility to lead the hands-on components of the field trip (based on their training and experience through the STEM Center User Group program or or Level 2 E(x)peditioneer Training).

E(x)PEDITION Field Trips for Students
STEM Center User Group Members or Level 2 E(x)peditioneers Make Reservations for Your Class soon!

FREE E(x)PEDITION Field Trips for K-12 Graders Opening Soon

NOTE: It is a requirement that teachers attend STEM Center Level 2 E(x)pedtioneer Training in order to participate in the E(x)PEDITION Field Trip workshop

What is an E(x)PEDITION Field Trip?

During the STEM Center’s E(x)PEDITIONs Field Trip program K-12 grade students participate in two (2) hands-on, minds-on, cross-curricular, standards-aligned activities; PLUS a Virtual Theater experience.

  • E(x)PEDITIONs take place at the STEM Center utilizing state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and resources.
  • STEM Center User Group Members and Level 2 E(x)peditioneers are eligible to bring their students on an E(x)PEDITIONs field trip.
  • STEM Center User group members and Level 2 E(x)peditioneers lead the hands-on activities for their students. STEM Center staff will lead the Virtual Theater experience.
  • STEM Center User Group Members and Level 2 E(x)peditioneers are equipped to lead E(x)PEDITIONs experiences during STEM Center E(x)peditioneer Training Program, an online and three-hour, intensive professional development workshop offered by the STEM Center.
  • Become a STEM Center E(x)peditioneer.