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Be Ready for the Regional Fair

Student Research Outlines & Abstracts

  • All students should submit a detailed research outline for teacher review/approval prior to beginning any studies.
  • The research outline develops into the project abstract that is submitted during registration.
    • 100-word abstract for Junior (7th-9th) & Senior Divisions (10th-12th) explaining the research process.
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Cross-Curricular Opportunity

  • Consider science, math, language arts and art teachers partnering on science and engineering fair projects at their grade level (i.e. research, outlines, vocabulary, drafting/writing outlines/abstracts, preparing a presentation board [design, measurement, composition, etc.]).

ISEF Resources

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Contacts for Regional Science & Engineering Fair

  • Kelly Ramey, Director | 931-372-3191

  • Christina Hatley, Administrative Associate | 931-372-6598

  • Nik McGehee, Graduate Assistant

  • Visit Nik's blog for questions and assistance about getting your students ready for the fair.
    Blog hosted by the Upper Cumberland Rural STEM Initiative (UCRSI) website: