Engagement for Impact

Working Group 4 – Engagement for Impact

Tech Tomorrow Strategic Plan Achievements – Fall 2018
Created a partnership inventory which highlights the academic, financial, and economic partnerships for each academic college

Development of a Tennessee Tech academic programs and certificate inventory with peer institution comparison to identify gaps and opportunities for colleges and schools

Validating the needs and design of a “humanitarian maker space”

Exploring existing employment inventories and state and national trends to better understand employer needs for Tennessee Tech graduates

Group Members

Bedelia Russell - BHRussell@tntech.edu
Brandon Boyd - bboyd@tntech.edu
Matt Smith - mrsmith@tntech.edu
Dennis Tennant - dtennant@tntech.edu
Bobbie Maynard - bfmaynard@tntech.edu
Robby Sanders - rsanders@tntech.edu
Samantha Hutson - shutson@tntech.edu
Simone McKelvey - smckelvey@tntech.edu
Lillian Hartgrove - lhartgrove@cookevillechamber.com
Chester Goad - cgoad@tntech.edu

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