Strategic Planning Meeting September 8, 2017

Introductions established the committee as campus ambassadors and strengthened the understanding of each member’s role on campus, as well as their thoughts about shaping the university’s future.

Co-chairs Tom Payne and Lisa Zagumny emphasized that organizations that depend on individuals to make complex decisions in a timely manner need a shared vision facilitated through a clear and cohesive strategic plan. 

Members agreed on how the process should engage stakeholders:

  • The strategic planning process is an inclusive development through which all university stakeholders are invited to share input.
  • The steering committee will facilitate conversations with stakeholders, collect information and help educate the campus on the strategic planning process.
  • The steering committee will be engaged in on-going meetings throughout the year to develop the plan based on input collected.

Members were encouraged to read “The Industries of the Future” by Alec Ross to help inform future conversations.

Coming up at next meeting:

Engagement strategy presented to members

Overview of Environmental Scan

Discussion of articles and information to guide discussion