Student Organizations

Belonging to an organization has many advantages and offers the opportunity for leadership and networking.

Students are encouraged to enhance their college experience by getting involved with a group that best suits their individual needs and promotes social growth.

Currently, there are more than 200 registered student organizations on Tennessee Tech's campus.

They are divided into eight different categories:

  1. Departmental- DE
  2. Greek (Fraternity or Sorority)- GR
  3. Honorary- HO
  4. Religious- RE
  5. Residence Hall- RH
  6. Service- SE
  7. Sports- SP
  8. Special Interest- SI

Procedures for registration of New Student Organizations

  1. A New Student Organization request form must be completed and signed by the requester and faculty advisor of the organization. 
  2. A statement justifying the need for such an organization on campus.
  3. A proposed constitution for the new organization and an electronic copy of the proposed constitution in Word format provided to the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life.
  4. The names, signatures and T Numbers of the charter members (minimum of ten).
  5. A statement of compliance of all Tennessee Tech, local, state and federal regulations.
  6. A letter from the faculty advisor(s) of the proposed organization stating their willingness to serve in the capacity as a defined in the Student Organization Manual. The name(s) and signature(s) of the faculty advisor(s) are required.
  7. Names of off-campus organizations with which the proposed organization intends to affiliated, or a statement that no affiliation with other groups is contemplated. In the event of future affiliation the petition must originate with the Registered Student Organization and must be approved by Tennessee Tech before commitments to the off-campus organization are made.
  8. All required documentation must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life for review. Proposed Student Organization which have met the criteria for registration and submitted the required documentation as described above will be referred to the Student Affairs Committee for approval.
  9. Proposed Student Organizations are required to appear before the Student Affairs Committee to present the nature and purpose of the organization and to answer any question regarding the organization.  
  10. All required documentation must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities and Campus Life no later than one month prior to the meeting of the Student Affairs Committee. Meeting dates for the Student Affairs Committee may be found on the Tennessee Tech Administrative Calendar located at the following link. TN Tech Calendar
  11. The Student Affairs Committee may require the sponsors of the proposed organization to clarify any materials or information provided in the registration process, to resubmit the registration documentation or request with non-conforming materials, or with provisions deleted.
  12. Upon approval of the Student Affairs Committee, the proposed Student Organization will be referred to the Administrative Council to appear before the council and present the organization for final approval.
Student Organization Forms

* Student Organizations are required to submit an Annual Report Form to the Office of Student Activities each year to maintain registration with the University.