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The following is a list of coaching and support groups that are free and available to registered Tennessee Tech University Students. All groups require a pre-group interest appointment in order to learn about the group and determine if it will meet your particular needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 931-372-3331 or drop by the TTU Counseling Center in the RUC - Room 307.

At this time, the group schedules are TBA (To Be Announced) and will be scheduled based on interest. If you have an interest in a group, please contact the facilitator of that group so that you may be contacted when I time has been scheduled.

Sexual Assault Survivors Support Group with Abby L. Eibel, MA.Ed, LPC/MHSP

If you have had an unwanted sexual experience, have been sexually assaulted or raped, there is support for you. This group is designed to help you cope with anxiety, sadness, guilt and anger. The group will give you an opportunity to feel supported and offer help to other women who also feel alone.

Meeting Times: TBA

Success Without Excess with Patricia Smith, Ed.S, LPC/MHSP

If you would like to look at your use, misuse, or abuse of alcohol or substances, this group is for you! This group will provide education, self-discovery, and support from peers and TTU therapists to help meet your goals.

Meeting Times: TBA

Tools for Beating the Blues and Increasing Coping Skills with Patricia Smith, Ed.S, LPC/MHSP

If you are struggling with feelings of sadness, negative thinking, loss of motivation and energy, difficulties with concentration and/or sleep problems, panic attacks or anxiety, this group will teach techniques for dealing with those issues. Group members will support one another as they learn new ways of coping with stressors.

Meeting Times: TBA

Feeling Groovy with Teresa Thorsen, MSW, LCSW

Join in for a unique interactive time of varied topics related to self-care and overall student success including assertiveness, communication, relaxation, relationships and transformation! Let's SLOW down, REACH out, and face the future feelin' groovy!

Meeting Times: TBA

Base Camp: Veterans Support Group with Christina Mick, Ed.D, LPC/MHSP

This is a support group offered for student veterans who are adjusting to campus life. The specific objective of this group is to provide support and assist participants with adjustment to higher education and readjustment issues following a military deployment for student veterans.

Meeting Times: TBA

Food for Thought: Lunch Group for Adult Students Managing a Learning Disability and/or ADHD with Christina Mick, Ed.D, LPC/MHSP

This support group will help members to gain support and understanding from others who have learning disabilities and to provide new ideas in dealing with the disability. Bring your lunch and come to a safe environment and learn to feel more comfortable and competent in your abilities.

Meeting Times: TBA

Changes: Snack and Yak Group for First Generation College Students with Christina Mick, Ed.D, LPC/MHSP

Are you the first in your family to attend college? Would you like to join other peers who share the same journey as you? CHANGES lunch group is designed to assist students in exploring the special challenges they face and gain support in navigating between the two cultures. All are welcome to bring a snack and share their stories and experiences.

Meeting Times: TBA

Coaching for Academic Success with Christina Mick, Ed.D, LPC/MHSP

This is a group coaching program that provides assistance with general study skills students need in a variety of areas to be academically successful.

Meeting Times: TBA

If you have a special need for a group, be sure to let us know!