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Student Affairs

The Dean of Students shall have the responsibility for receiving complaints against any student from members and agencies of the University, from local and state agencies, and from general citizenry. Complaints which appear to be substantially indicative of a violation of the Student Discipline Policy shall be reason for the Dean of Students to notify (charge) the student that he/she is responsible for violation.

When a student is charged with a violation of the Student Discipline Policy, a preliminary hearing interview is conducted with the Dean of Students; during this interview the student is presented with specific charges, complaints and reports, and other information pertinent to the situation. The preliminary hearing interview is a face-to-face interview with the student and is always conducted unless the student is absent from campus. In the latter situation, the elements of the preliminary hearing are presented both by correspondence and/or telephone.

During the preliminary interview, the student is given a complete explanation of the sanctions and the procedures for disciplinary hearings, including his/her rights and privileges during hearings and the procedures for appeal or review. The student is then given the opportunity of contesting the validity of the charges and appearing before a hearing body (University Student Judicial Council, University Judicial Council, or the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act (TUAPA)), or if not contesting the charge(s) and appearing before either a hearing body or the Dean of Students.

Students may be assisted by an advisor at any point in the disciplinary process, including the pre-hearing interview. The advisor may be a TTU student, faculty member, or administrator.