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Student Affairs

  1. The student requesting academic adjustments must meet with the Director, the the Assistant Director, or the Disability Services Coordinator and provide appropriate documentation from a licensed medical or psychological examiner. The medical diagnosis should be as current as possible but no older than three (3) years. This meeting should take place no later than the first week of each semester.
  2. An Academic Adjustment Form (AAF) is completed by the Disability Services Director, Assistant Director, or Disability Services Coordinator for the student with recommendations based on the students specific needs.
  3. Students are expected to deliver a copy of the AAF to each faculty member for courses in which academic adjustments are being requested. The faculty and student should discuss ALL academic adjustments pertaining to that class. The faculty member may approve the academic adjustments and/or make additional suggestions at that time.
  4. When an agreement is reached between the student and the faculty member, the form must be signed by both and returned to the Office of Disability Services within two weeks after they are given to the student. Faculty members may maintain copies for their record.
  5. If an agreement cannot be reached, a meeting will be arranged by the Office of Disability Services to include the student, the faculty member, the departmental chairperson, the Disability Services Director, and other related parties as needed to develop an acceptable plan of action.