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All Tennessee Tech University faculty members are required to follow the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please encourage students with disabilities to contact the Office of Disability Services if you feel the student may have a disability as defined under the ADA. (Please include an ADA statement on your syllabus.)

Sample ADA statement: "Any student who believes that he or she will require accommodations to meet the course requirements should consult the Office of Disability Services located in the Roaden University Center (RUC) Rm. 112 (931-372-6119) preferably during the first week of classes so that reasonable accommodations can be made to ensure that everyone may participate in the course."

Faculty members are required to follow accommodations. Accommodations are based on documentation from a qualified professional (physician, licensed psychologist, etc.). These accommodations will be determined by the Office of Disability Services. Faculty members will receive an official Academic Adjustment Form via email at the beginning of each term listing specific accommodations. Comments and/or concerns should be directed to the Office of Disability Services at 931-372-6119. Faculty members are encouraged to discuss implementing accommodations, however, accommodations themselves are non-negotiable.

**Please keep in mind, confidentiality is very important. Please do not disclose to the class that a student has a disability or requires an accommodation. Doing so violates federal laws and standards. All disability-related matters should be discussed in private.**

Faculty members are not to determine disability-status nor student accommodations: that is the exclusive task of the Office of Disability Services. Faculty members may be required to provide extra time on tests and/or quiet testing facilities. The Office of Disability Services can provide a quiet testing room and proctor if needed. Faculty members are also welcome to provide the testing area and provide proctors for their own exams as long as the student feels comfortable with the arrangement. If a student is to test in the Office of Disability Services, students are encouraged to sign up 48 hours in advance of the test date and time. However, that provision cannot be rigidly enforced. Students fill out an electronic Test Request Form located on the ODS homepage. When that form is submitted it is immediately sent to the appropriate ODS personnel for approval. Faculty members then receive an email that has a link to their portion of the approval form. The completed test will be delivered back to you as soon as possible.

Other accommodations are typically very simple. Examples may include a student using a recorder in class or announcing the need for a volunteer note-taker. Upon receipt of the Academic Adjustment form, if there are any comments or concerns, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 372-6119.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.