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Your privacy rights include:

  • office_pic3the right to confidentiality of your records.
  • the right to receive notice of TTU Health Services privacy practices.
  • the right to inspect and copy your medical record.
  • the right to request amendment of your medical record.
  • the right to request restrictions on release of your medical record.
  • the right to confidential communications.

Your treatment rights include:

  • the right to humane care and treatment.
  • the right to accurate information.
  • the right to a second opinion regarding diagnosis and treatment.
  • the right to know who is counseling, caring for, and treating you.
  • the right to information regarding fees for services.
  • the right to be informed of any research aspect of your care and the right to refuse.

Your responsibilities include:

  • providing full information about your illness or problem.
  • asking sufficient questions to ensure you have appropriate understanding of your illness and the provider’s recommended treatment.
  • showing courtesy and respect to TTU Health Services personnel and to other patients.
  • not lending your personal identification to others.
  • canceling or rescheduling an appointment as far in advance as possible.
  • not sharing medication prescribed for you with others.