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Each year, the TTU Common Book Program contributes an important piece to every freshman’s first year experience here. We are excited that this year Acts of Faith will be used to inspire you and to create a common thread that connects you and your classmates.

Your first year will bring new opportunities and challenges; how you respond to each will set your course as an undergraduate. Engaging in common conversations and critical thinking surrounding a common book is a great way for faculty and students to connect. A common book also builds bridges among disciplines.

Acts of Faith provides a message of faith, hope, choice and service that spans across disciplines. This book is relevant for every major, every classroom, every faculty member and every student: we are all experiencing life, choices and changing perspectives inside and outside the classroom. That is why this book is perfect for the 2014 TTU Common Book Project.

I am excited about Acts of Faith, and I look forward to talking to students and faculty about the book throughout the semester. I also am pleased to host the author, Eboo Patel, on campus Oct. 7. He is a dynamic speaker, and I look forward to hearing more about his perspectives on finding faith and serving others. Finally, I look forward to learning how this book has impacted you.


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Dr. Philip Oldham, President