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Please take a moment to consider what type of membership update you need to fill out:

Purple Members

If you are updating your membership information, but also need to renew a Purple membership (or upgrade to Gold or Legacy Membership) with payment. Click on the link below and complete the renewal process online. *Expiring Purple members may upgrade to Gold or Legacy memberships at a discounted rate. Please review your renewal email for details.


Gold & Legacy Members: Why should you update your membership information?

The TTUPA asks Gold & Legacy members to update their information to help keep their membership status correct. Active members with multiple students attending the university MUST complete the update form below each time a student enters or graduates from TTU, or if there is a change in contact information. This will ensure there are no disruptions in membership benefits.

To complete the update process, please click on the "Update Information" link below:


Memberships are considered active as long as membership dues and student enrollment criteria are met. Memberships are as follows: Purple Rate (renew yearly); the Gold Rate (which covers the duration that the parent continuously, with no gaps, has a student enrolled at TTU); or Legacy Rate (which covers the duration, with gaps permitted, that a parent has student(s) enrolled at TTU). All Purple dues must be received by TTUPA by September 1st. Students of TTUPA members must be enrolled full time as considered by institutional policies.