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Andrew Heineck

SOA Quote

What is your favorite thing about TTU?

I really like the size of campus, because when I walk across campus I always see at least a few people I know.

What is your most memorable TTU experience so far?

My most memorable TTU experience has to be rushing my IFC fraternity.

How did you choose your major?

I was always good at math and chemistry and really enjoy the field of medicine, so I chose chemical engineering so I could attend graduate school for biomedical engineering.

What is your favorite meal at TTU?

My favorite meal at TTU has to be the omelets made fresh every morning in the cafeteria.

Advice for incoming college freshman from your experience so far?

Make sure to take time away from studying to have fun. While grades are important, you can become burnt out if all you do is study, so take breaks to enjoy yourself. It will help your grades out in the long run.

What is your favorite TTU Tradition and why?

My favorite tradition is the blizzard, which at a certain basketball game in the year everyone throws tech squares onto the court after the TTU’s first basket of the game. It is my favorite tradition because it is exciting to be a part of and very fun to watch.

What kind of extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus and in the community?

I am involved with Greek Life on campus.

What movie star would you play in a movie? Why?

James Bond because he is a British spy. Need I say more?

What was your biggest mistake as a freshman? What did you learn from that experience?

My biggest mistake was that I did not write down my assignments in a location that I would remember to check. I learned that it can be easy to forget to do homework, but that it is easy to remember if I write it down somewhere I will see every day.

What is your favorite book?

My favorite book is actually a series. I really enjoy reading all of the Game of Thrones books.