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Jaelyn Todd

SOA Quote

What is your favorite thing about TTU?

My favorite thing about Tech would have to be the atmosphere of our school. Tech is a decent size, so it is easy to get to know people! Especially since everyone on campus is extremely nice and helpful!

What is your most memorable TTU experience so far?

My most memorable experience at TTU would have to be during the Week of Welcome. I came to Tech not knowing anyone, but I left with so many friends that were in the same situation as me! Throughout the week there were so many games and activities to play, and so much time to socialize!

How did you choose your major?

I chose my major because there are so many options that interest me and I can’t just choose one!

What is your favorite meal at TTU?

My favorite meal at Tech would have to be Backyard Burger in Swoops. They have a delicious variety of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads for a good price! I love the Backyard Chicken Salad with grilled chicken. It is a quick healthy meal!

Advice for incoming college freshman from your experience so far?

My advice for incoming freshmen would be to build as many positive relationships as possible with your friends, your professors, or even the maintenance staff! You never know how the relationship could be beneficial in the long run!

What is your favorite TTU Tradition and why?

My favorite tradition would have to be Dancin’ on Dixie! It is a great time to get to know everyone on campus and just relax and enjoy yourself! There is always a band that comes so you can dance along to the music with your friends, or if dancing isn’t really your thing, there are also plenty of fun games to play and free food! So no matter what you are like, you will not be bored.

What kind of extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus and in the community?

I am a student athlete here at Tech! I am on the Women’s Track & Field Team, a Mentee/Mentor in the Minority Program, a representative in the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and also involved in Campus Outreach! I am looking forward to becoming a member of many more clubs here at Tech!

What movie star would you play in a movie? Why?

I would definitely play Taraji P. Henson, because she is a jovial, independent, and intelligent woman.

What was your biggest mistake as a freshman? What did you learn from that experience?

My biggest mistake as a freshman would be that I did not manage my time as wisely as I should have. I would spend more time studying for one subject than I did the others. This was beneficial, but also hindered me. Over the course of the semester, I learned to manage my time and study for each class equally, instead of focusing all my attention on one class!

What is your favorite book?

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I love a good mystery!