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The University Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality professional law enforcement and public safety services to the campus community. Service to Tennessee Tech's students, faculty, staff, and visitors represents our top priority.

Tennessee Tech Police Authority

The University Police Department comes under the charge of the Student Affairs Department of Vice President, Marc Burnett. All University Police officers are commissioned law enforcement officers armed with service weapons and have COMPLETE ARREST AUTHORITY in accordance with TCA-49-7-118 and Tennessee Peace Officer authorizations established by the Tennessee Code Annotated.

Tennessee Tech officers have the same authority as that of municipal law enforcement officers while on property owned by Tennessee Tech, on adjacent public streets and sidewalks, and in nearby neighborhoods. University police officers have direct radio communications with the city police, fire department, and ambulance services to facilitate rapid response in any emergency situation.

Security Policies

University Police are the only personnel authorized to carry or maintain firearms on campus or any university-controlled property or facility. Students are given additional information concerning security policies in a student handbook and this information is also made available on request in accordance with TCA 317, May 8, 1989, "College and University Security Information Act." All information pertaining to security policies and procedures are updated annually. Changes that may affect students or employees are reported through university news media, student handbooks, radio, newspapers and by personal interview or letter.


The Tennessee Tech Police Department consists of the following:

  • 13 Certified Police Officers
  • 2 Administrative Associate 4
  • 4 Dispatchers