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Traffic Violations

  • TTU Officers will issue city citations for speeding, which will count against your driving record. The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour, except where otherwise posted. Speeding or improperly operating a vehicle (squealing tires, sliding the vehicle, etc.) are serious safety hazards and persons responsible will be cited for the violations.
  • Speeding and/or reckless driving on campus is a violation of safety standards. Violators will be disciplined and/or prosecuted.
  • Passing another vehicle that is moving at normal speed on campus streets or drives is prohibited.
  • All vehicles must come to a complete stop at intersections where stop signs are located, painted on the street or mounted on a post.
  • Motorists must yield right of way to pedestrians.
  • Vehicles must pull over, come to a complete stop and yield the right of way to all emergency vehicles with flashing lights.