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Blue light emergency telephones are strategically placed around the campus. When activated, these phones automatically access TTU PD's 24-hour emergency line. Using this phone automatically locates the caller's area for our communication unit. The emergency phone system should be used to report medical emergencies, crimes in progress, fires, or to request immediate assistance for a life-threatening situation. For emergency situations that occur off campus, individuals should call 911 for response by local police, fire and medical services.

Parking Map

Emergency Telephone Locations

  • Memorial Gym / Northeast Corner
  • Lewis Hall / Southeast Corner
  • New Library / Northwest of the building
  • Baseball Field / Southeast of the field
  • Crawford Hall / South of the building
  • McCord Hall / West of the building
  • Freshman Residence Hall / North End & South End in middle of lot
  • Murphy Hall / South End of the building
  • Tech Village / South of the laundry
  • Tennis Court / South End
  • Jobe Hall / Northwest of the building near sidewalk
  • Women's Dorm Lot / Behind Murphy North & South middle of lot
  • Cooper Hall / South of the building
  • Evins Hall / East of the building
  • Ellington Hall / North of the building
  • Freshman Residence Hall / South Side Front
  • Freshman Residence Hall / East Side Rear