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Article 1. Name / Mission
This organization shall have for its name and be known as the Intramural Sports Council of Tennessee Technological University. The Intramural Sports Council is a group of students who represent a diverse population of residence hall students, off campus students, Greek students, PFR students, and students of other clubs and organizations that are active in intramural sports. It is the member’s job to act as a supreme court for their fellow students. The council reviews, hears, and decides on issues involving protests, ejections, and appeals. The council serves as an advisory committee for new policies and procedures that may be implemented in the Intramural Sports Manual. The group is also available for any immediate changes, which need to be taken into consideration throughout the semester.

Article II. Purpose
To allow students to serve as a governing body for implementing policies, rules, and to make rulings upon any appeals or protests. They also serve as a recommending and approval board for implementing new programs, activities, and ideas for change.

Article III. Membership
The Council will consist of 11 members. Membership will be comprised of 2 IFC Representative, 2 PHC Representatives, 1 Male PFR Representative, 1 Female PFR Representative, 2 At-Large Male Representatives, 2 At-Large Female Representatives, and 1 Intramural Sports Office Representative. The Intramural Sports Office will also appoint a Non-Voting member to the committee. This member will be one of the two Intramural Sports Graduate Assistants and will Chair the committee. Membership is open to any full time student who is currently paying an activity fee. The Council Chair and present Council members will actively recruit new members annually. Membership is open to all that satisfy requirements as listed in Article I of the by-laws.

Article IV. Government
The council will be governed by the Executive Committee, which will consist of the Chair, President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Faculty / Staff Advisor.

Article V. Meetings
Meetings will be held on a monthly rotation and any additional meetings deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

By Laws

Article 1. Eligibility for Membership

Section 1: The person must be a full-time student, 12 hours for undergraduate and 6 hours for graduate.

Section 2: The person must be in good academic standing with the University.

Section 3: Membership will consist of a variety of students who are active in various organizations.

Section 4: The person must attend all Intramural Sports Council meetings.

Article 2. Executive Committee

Section 1: Duties of Members
A. Chair

a. This individual will be appointed by the Advisor and shall be one of the two Intramural Sports Graduate Assistants.
b. The Chair shall have no voting power in normal situations. If a member of the council is personally involved in a case before the council the Chair will remove them from hearing that case and assume their voting power.
c. Shall assist the President in initiating meetings and developing the agenda and having all programming aspects set for the council.
d. Shall assist the secretary with called meetings and clerical work.
e. Shall serve as the Intramural Sports Department liaison and clarify and interpret department policies.

B. President

a. Shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee.
b. Shall preside over all meetings of the Council.
c. Shall appoint any committees and formulate their duties.
d. The President has voting power but only casts their vote in the event of a tie.

C. Vice-President

a. Shall serve in the absence of the President.
b. Shall carry on all responsibilities of the recording secretary if absent.

D. Recording Secretary

a. Shall call roll and read minutes from previous meeting.
b. Shall keep accurate records of members and accurate minutes at each meeting.
c. Shall work with the Chair to inform members of upcoming meetings two days in advance.

E. Advisor (Intramural Coordinator)

a. Shall have no voting power, but will be encouraged to voice opinion on all matters confronting the executive committee.

Section 2: Election and Assumption of Office
A. Elections are held at the beginning of each fall semester and / or during the spring semester if offices are vacant.

B. During the summer session, the officers will remain the same as for the regular school year.

Section 3: Resignation, Removal, or Replacement of Officers and Members
A. In the event of inefficiency of any officer or other just cause, the Council shall have the power to remove an officer by majority vote.

B. In the event of resignation or removal of the President, the Vice-President will assume their position and responsibilities. The Council will then elect a new Vice President.

C. In the event of resignation or removal of the Vice-President or Recording Secretary, the Council will elect a member to fill the vacancy.

D. In the event of resignation or removal of more than one officer new elections must be held to fill all offices.

E. Members who have displayed malice may be removed from the council by a majority vote of the Council.

F. All vacant positions on the Council must be filled before further business is presented.

G. At Large members will apply and then be voted on by the current Intramural Council.

H. The Panhellenic and Inter-Fraternity Council members will be picked according to the first and second place winners their respective All Campus Points System. If a member should have to leave for any reason they will appoint someone from their organization to take their place.

I. The Men’s and Women’s PFR first place winner will select a member from their organization to be on the Intramural Council. If they have to leave for any reason they will appoint someone to take their place.

J. All new office members will be voted in by the current Intramural Council.

Article 3. Amendments

Section 1: The constitution may be amended by an affirmative vote of a majority of the council members.

Section 2: Amendments of the Constitution may take place at the regular meetings or special meetings of the council.

Section 3: By-Laws may be amended with 8 of 11 council members affirmative vote.

Section 4: Amendments to Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures must be submitted in writing to the Council Chair two weeks prior to the last scheduled meeting of the spring semester in order to be considered for the following year.

Section 5: All changes submitted concerning the Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures will be voted upon during the last scheduled meeting of the spring semester.

Section 6: All amendments to the Intramural Sports Policies and Procedures will take effect the following calendar year.

Section 7: Any changes to the IFC, PHC, or PFR All Campus Points Systems must be approved by the Council after they have been approved by their respective council. The Intramural Sports Council may make amendments to any proposals presented to them. The council’s decision is final concerning these matters and cannot be overturned by the IFC, PHC or PFR.

Article 4. Voting

Section 1: Two-Thirds (or 6) members must be present to have quorum to act upon any matter. The President will not be counted towards quorum.

Section 2: Each present member has one vote.

Section 3: In the account of a tie in votes, the Presidents vote will be counted to break the tie.

Section 4: All voting matters will be decided by majority vote unless otherwise stated in these bylaws.

Article 5. Conflicts of Interest

Section 1: All members of this council are expected to maintain ethical standards and vote on matters on the validity of the case and not on personal feelings.

Section 2: In the event that a member of the council is personal involved in a case presented before the council the President shall remove that member from the council temporarily and replace them with the Council Chair.

Section 3: If the President is personally involved in a case, they will remove themselves from the council temporarily and the Presidents duties will be filled by the Vice – President. The Council Chair will assume the President’s voting power, however, the Vice-President’s vote now becomes the deciding vote for tie-breaking situations.

Section 4: In the event that a council member is accused of holding bias towards a case, the Executive Committee will meet and reach a resolution.

Section 5: Any members that are deemed to be unethical may be removed from the Council permanently by a majority vote of all other council members.

Article 6. Attendance

Section1: Any member missing two meetings without proper notification may be dismissed from the council by the Executive Committee.

Article 7. Awards

Section 1: The Council shall evaluate and vote on the Male and Female Participants of the Year for the Intramural Sports Program.