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2014-2015 Council Members

What is the Intramural Sports Council?

The Intramural Sports Council was formed so that we here at the Intramural Sports Office can further serve you, the TTU students, better. The council is a legislative body consisting of TTU students who are active within the intramural sports program and TTU. As we continue to make improvements to the program we want to ensure that we are doing what is in the best interests of the TTU student body. The Intramural Sports Council will assist the Intramural Sports Staff in developing new and refining old policies and procedures so that they effectively meet the needs of the current student body. Year in and Year out students will have the opportunity to request changes to Intramural Policies and Procedures by appearing before the Council and presenting their case.

(excerpt from Section XI of the Intramural Policies and Procedures)

The Intramural Sports Council is a body of students who are active in the intramural program and represent the best interests of the TTU Student Body. The council shall consist of 11 members. The Intramural Coordinator will appoint one Intramural Graduate Assistant as the Chair of the Committee but this individual will have no voting privileges. The council shall consist of:

2 IFC representatives, 2 PHC representative, 2 PFR representatives (1 male / 1 female), 2 at large male participants, 2 at large female participants, and 1 representative of the Intramural Sports Office.

The Council will hold scheduled meetings once a month and additional meetings will be held when appropriate. The council will rule on any protest or appeal concerning a decision made by the Intramural Sports Office. In addition, the true function of the council shall be to serve as a recommending body to the Intramural Sports Office in regards to policies and procedures with strong emphasis on disciplinary and protest situations. Any suggested policy changes may be presented to the council and will be considered as possible changes for the following year. Individuals interested in being a member of the council may contact the Council Chair.