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Q - Who can participate in intramural sports?

All current full time students and part time students (having paid their student activities fees) of Tennessee Technological University are eligible to participate in all Intramural Sports activities offered during the semester of their enrollment.

All full time faculty and staff employed by Tennessee Technological University are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports Activities.

Q - What can I do if I do not have enough people to form a team?

TTU Intramurals no longer offers a free agent list for seasonal sports. The Intramural office encourages those  participants who do not have a team to check with the captains of teams entered into the divisions they are participating.

Q - What happens if the weather prevents us from playing a scheduled game?

Decisions concerning the postponement of games due to inclement weather will be made as soon as possible on the day of the scheduled event. Under normal circumstances, decisions will not be made until 3:00pm. Teams should visit the website or call the office after 3:00pm to be informed of the postponements. Postponements due to inclement weather are made to protect the participant and playing surfaces. Any postponed events will be rescheduled when possible. In the event games cannot be rescheduled, each team will receive a win.

Q - Is there anything that I need to bring with me to the games?

All participants are required to present a current/valid TTU ID prior to participation. Individuals who fail to present their ID cannot participate. Drivers License, Social Security Cards, Class Schedules, and any other forms of ID will not be accepted. NO TTU ID, NO PLAY!!!

Q - Where is the intramural office located?

The intramural office is located in room 220, upstairs in the Fitness Center. The office phone number is 372-3907.

Q - How do I become an intramural employee?

TTU Intramurals will advertise the open positions on the Intramural website when said position become available. Intramural employees must first have an I-9 card before they can start work. I-9 cards are given out by the human resources office in the bottom floor of Derryberry Hall. Intramural applications are available for each seasonal sport and certain positions will be available such as scorekeepers, referees and supervisors.

Q - Where do intramural events take place?

Intramural events take place in several locations. They take place in Memorial Gym located on the campus quad, the fitness center, located on the corner of willow and 12th street, the Raymond Drost Intramural fields located between the fitness center and the baseball/softball complex, and there are a few specific events that take place off campus such as the bowling and golf tournaments.