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Tennessee Tech University assumes no responsibility for injuries received during Intramural Sports activities. Students, faculty, and staff are reminded that Intramural Sports are Voluntary activities and all participants play at their own risk. All participants are responsible for their personal medical treatment, expenses, and insurance. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical examination and secure adequate medical insurance prior to participation. All participants must be students, faculty or staff of TTU.

I. General

  1. Participants must be presently enrolled in a minimum of 6 semester hours at Tennessee Technological University.
  2. Each participant will be required to show a Valid TTU One Card ID prior to participation. (Drivers License, class, schedule, military ID, passport or other forms of identification will not be accepted)
  3. All participants are expected to conduct themselves as mature adults at all times.
  4. Smoking is not permitted within the intramural sports complex.
  5. Dogs, other animals, or bicycles are not permitted within the intramural sports complex
  6. The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages or other controlled substances on state property is prohibited by the State Laws of Tennessee.

II. Eligibility

  1. Current college, junior college, and NAIA letter winners are ineligible to participate in the intramural sport in which they lettered.
  2. Current “red shirt” athletes are ineligible to participate in the intramural sport in which they are “red shirting”
  3. Former college athletes are eligible to participate in any intramural sport given they have been inactive with their collegiate sport for a period of 1 year.
  4. Participants that have been ejected from an Intramural Event are considered ineligible until they have been properly reinstated by the Intramural Coordinator.
  5. Any individual who has play a sport at the professional level are ineligible to participate in that particular sport. Professional level is defined as having received money for playing.

Note: Teams using ineligible players will be eliminated from the league and subject to further judgments by the Intramural Sports Department.

III. Equipment and Facilities

  1. The Intramural Sports Department provides some equipment for team sports. However, individual participants are responsible for supplying some necessary equipment for individual / dual sports. Individual participants are responsible for the use of proper footwear / equipment for all intramural events.
  2. All participants must wear shoes
    1. For outdoor sport rubber cleat shoes will be allowed.
    2. For indoor sports must wear tennis shoes or regulation basketball shoes.
    3. Metal spikes, screw-in cleats, open toe, open heel, and hard soled shoes are Not Permitted for any intramural event.
  3. The Intramural Sports Department will make final judgment on the usage of any optional equipment. All decisions regarding equipment will be final.
  4. Each player must wear pants or shorts without any belt(s), belt loop(s), pockets(s), or exposed drawstrings. A player may not turn his / her shorts inside-out or tape his / her pockets in order to play.
  5. All jewelry must be removed prior to participating. The only exception is medic alert bracelets.
  6. Hard billed hats will not be permitted.
  7. Any braces made of hard, unyielding substances or casts are strictly prohibited. Knee braces made of hard, unyielding substances covered on both sides with all edges overlapped and any other hard substances covered with at least 2 inches of slow recovery rubber or similar material will be allowed.
  8. Participants must wear similar colored shirts with numbers. Departmental jerseys are available. Shirts must be tucked in or cut off a minimum of 4 inches above the waist.

IV. Sportsmanship

  1. Intramural activities offer the opportunity for students to compete against their peers in a friendly and structured environment. Through team sports, individual/dual activities or special events, individuals can find the activities that fit their needs. Most activities take place on the campus of Tennessee Technological University with a few exceptions. In all of our events, we stress sportsmanship and fairplay.
  2. Intramural participants are asked to present themselves in a respectable and dignified manner during all events.
  3. Participants or teams that use threatening actions, tones, or vulgarity towards other participants or intramural staff will be subject to ejection, removal from the facility, and further disciplinary action by the Intramural Department
  4. All participants ejected from an Intramural Event must follow the procedure below to become reinstated:
    1. Upon ejection, contact the Intramural Sports Department @ 372-3907 to set up an Appointment with the Intramural Coordinator. Unscheduled appointments will not be seen.
    2. A decision will be made during the meeting concerning further disciplinary action.
    3. Once all disciplinary requirements have been met the participants will then be eligible to play.
  5. Participants ejected during any sport cannot play any other sport prior to reinstatement.
  6. Any participant ejection will result in that participant’s team being on probation for the remainder of that sport.

V. Forfeits / Defaults

  1. Teams not prepared to play a contest at the scheduled time and date shall automatically forfeit the contest.
  2. The term “forfeit” is defined as a team not having enough members present at game time and ready to participate.
  3. The term “default” is defined as a team filing an advance default form with the Intramural office before 2:00 PM the day of the contest.
  4. In an attempt to discourage teams from forfeiting scheduled contests, any team that forfeits a game will not be eligible for the playoffs. Any team that forfeits a second time will be dropped from the league. Teams with defaults will still be eligible.
  5. Forfeit losses will also be assessed for the following:
    1. Ineligible players
    2. Non appearance or late appearance for an event
    3. Use of metal spikes / cleats
    4. Unsportsmanlike behavior
    5. And the use of banned substances (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes)
  6. There is not a grace period. Game Time is Forfeit Time.
  7. Any team that is assessed a forfeit will be charged a $40.00 forfeit fee. This fee will be charged to the listed team captain and a hold will be placed on their TTU Eagle Online student account until the fee is paid.

VI. Protest

  1. Individuals or teams wishing to protest must fill out the proper paperwork and follow the proper procedures.
  2. Protests will only be heard when they are concerning player eligibility and rule interpretation. Official judgment is not protestable!
  3. To Protest (during game play):
    1. Call a time-out.
    2. Notify the game official that you are playing the game under protest.
    3. Consult the Intramural Supervisor.
    4. All attempts to resolve the protest will be made before continuing play.
    5. A protest form should be completed following the event giving accurate and precise details.
    6. The form must be returned to the Intramural Office by 4pm of the next business day.
    7. The form will be reviewed and a decision made within 48 hours.

    Note: Rule interpretation protest must be done at the point of infraction. If play is allowed to continue (ex. Next pitch, next down played, etc.) or the ball becomes live again the protest cannot be upheld.

  4. Player eligibility protests may be filled out at any time and will be determined by the intramural coordinator.
  5. Procedures During Playoffs
    1. Player eligibility protest must be made prior to the conclusion of the game in question.
    2. ii. Protest procedures will still be the same with one exception:
    3. All protests will be approved or denied at the time of the protest.

VII. Rosters / Player Additions

  1. All roster forms must be turned into the Intramural Sports Office by the deadline for the sport entered.
  2. A player must be on the roster before being eligible to participate.
  3. Player additions will be allowed until the end of the regular season under the following guidelines ( To Add):
    1. A participant must come to the Intramural Sports Office.
    2. You will be required to fill out all information on the roster form.
    3. Once adding a player will be eligible to participate 24 hours later.

    Ex: A player who adds on a Tuesday will not be eligible to play until Wednesday’s games.

  4. Player additions will not be allowed during the playoffs.

VIII. Divisions of Participation

  1. Intramural Sports are broken down into several leagues of competition.
  2. Leagues
    1. Women’s (All women’s open teams, sororities, and organizations)
    2. Open (All men’s open teams)
    3. Co-Rec (All teams participating co-recreationally)*
    4. IFC (Only open to Interfraternity Council Members)**
    5. PFR (Only open to Professional Fraternities and Religious Organizations)

*Co-Rec Leagues are not offered in all sports
**IFC Should consult additional IFC Athletic Rules and Regulations

IX. Awards / All Campus

  1. The winners of each league of a sport will be awarded campus recreation champion t-shirts.
  2. A team will receive shirts based on the number it takes to play for the sport they win.
    1. The formula is: (number it takes to play) X (2) = (# of shirts)
  3. Certain teams, according to performance, will be invited to participate in the All Campus Championships for each of our major team sports.
    1. This will consist of 8 teams from IFC, PFR, and Open.
    2. The winner of the All Campus Championship will receive an additional award beyond the T-shirts for their league.
    3. In each All-Campus tournament teams will receive participation points and win / loss points based on performance in the tournament.
    4. At the end of the school year points will be tabulated and there will be an All Campus Champion Crowned.
    5. All Campus Champions will receive All-Campus Champion Shirts.
    6. Please consult the Intramural Office for point system guidelines and standings.

X. Staff

The Intramural Sports Department is here to serve you, the student. We are dedicated to providing you the best programs and services available. We encourage your suggestions and comments. Please feel free to stop by our office during office hours. A member of our staff will be glad to assist you. We hope that you have a safe and exciting intramural season and wish you the best in your academic endeavors.