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Campus Recreation & Fitness Center


The Fitness Center has 2 separate gyms devoted to basketball. Each contains 6 basketball goals, a full-function scoreboard, and the capability to be divided. For your safety and to help maintain the wood floors, court shoes or cross-trainers are the only shoes allowed in the gyms. The West gym also contains Bobby's Bombers Golf Room and our Combative and Climbing Room. Both men's and women's basketballs are available in the Equipment Room with a current Eagle Card or membership card.



The Cardiovascular Area is equipped with a variety of equipment including: treadmills, rowing machines, stair climbers, stationary bicycles, recumbent bicycles, elliptical trainers, and Nordic Tracks. Two TV's are located in the main area. The Health Promotion office offers free orientations on how to use the equipment. Appointments can be made in the Health Promotions Office, Room 214, or by calling 372-6511. For their protection, children under 16 are not permitted to use this equipment.


The Combative Room is equipped with a peg board, heavy bag, speed bag, a climbing station, and a wall kick pad. Speed bag gloves and jump ropes are available for check-out in the Equipment Room.


Here you can find all the equipment needed to participate in most of the activities in the center. Equipment choices include: racquets and racquet balls, jump-ropes, basketballs, speed bag gloves, stability balls, lap counters, golf clubs and golf balls. To check out equipment, present your current Eagle card or membership card. Children under 16 are not permitted to check out equipment. Equipment must be used in the center and returned to the Equipment Room after use.


The Fitness Studio has everything you need to get fit in a class setting. The room is reserved only for Campus Rec's fitness classes. You can pick up a current schedule at the Front Desk or check out our Health Promotions page..


Just added! Located on our second floor adjacent to the track, we offer a rotating, non-motorized climbing wall called a Freedom Climber. It's a great workout for your body as well as a challenge for your mind as you calculate your next move. More info is available at Freedom Click here!


The front desk is located at the main entrance to the Fitness Center. This is the place to present your Eagle card or membership for admittance into the building. You can also purchase a fitness class receipt or make a racquetball court reservation.


Bobby's Bombers Golf Room is set up for practice on putting and swinging skills. Golf balls and clubs are available for checkout at the Equipment Room.


The Health Promotions Office is located on the second floor of the Fitness Center in Room 214. A variety of free and fee-based tests and services are available through this program. For more information, refer to the Health Promotions page.


The Intramurals Office is located on the second floor of the Fitness Center in Room 220. For more information, refer to the Intramuralspage.


Each locker room is full-service for your convenience. The lockers are available to rent on a daily, 5-month, 12-month, or semester basis depending on your membership status. Long term locker rental takes place in the Fitness Center's main office, Room 118. Lockers can be used free of charge on a daily basis. Locks are available for daily use at the Equipment Room. We strongly urge that all articles be locked in a locker. Locker rooms are conveniently located: 2 in the pool area and 2 adjacent to the major workout areas.


The Massage Therapy Room is located in the Health Promotions office, Room 214. Faculty, staff, and students can set up an appointment or find more information by calling 372-6511 or navigating to Massage Therapy.


The Fitness Center has two 1,000 square foot rooms available to students and members for reservations. A room divider can be installed to create two smaller rooms if necessary. These rooms are great for birthday parties and group meetings! Rooms can be reserved 30 days in advance. For information about renting procedures, call 372-6212.


The Outpost @ Campus Rec rents camping equipment to students, faculty and staff. For more information, visit the The Outpost @ Campus Rec page.


The Fitness Center's 25-meter lap pool is 3 1/2 to 5 feet deep, and the temperature is maintained at approximately 86 degrees year round. There are 5 lanes for lap swim as well as an area for fitness classes, swim lessons, basketball, or just plain family fun! The pool area includes water equipment for fun and learning and men's and women's full locker rooms complete with saunas in each and a machine to spin dry your wet clothes. A lifeguard is on duty at all times.


The Pro Shop display is located in front of the Equipment Room, on the main floor of Fitness Center. Our Pro Shop is here when you've forgotten or need, swim goggles, racquetball gloves, weight lifting straps, or your own dynaband to workout at home. To check our current inventory, refer to the Pro Shop page.


Racquetball courts are available by reservation during Fitness Center operating hours. To make a reservation, come by or call the front desk on the day of play at 372-6215. Court shoes are required on these floors. Racquets and racquet balls are available at the equipment room. The Fitness Center as well as Intramurals holds periodic tournaments and pyramid challenges.


Saunas are available in each of the pool locker rooms. Saunas help cleanse the body through perspiration. It opens up the pores of the skin and flushes out impurities through the process of sweating. The hard-training athlete, the weekend athlete, and even non-athletes acclaim the sauna's recuperative effects. Come try it out!


The track is 1/6 of a mile in length. The inside lane is for walkers, middle lane for passing, and the outside lane is for jogging. Located half-way around the track on both sides are 2 clocks so you can calculate your speed. Lap counters are available at the Equipment Room. Strollers are not allowed on the track and proper shoes are required.


Wallyball, similar to Volleyball, is played on racquetball court #5 by reservation. To reserve a court, come by or call 372-6215. Wallyballs are available at the Equipment Room. Proper shoes are required. Tournaments are held periodically.


The Weight Room contains free weights, weight machines, and medicine balls. If you would like an orientation on use of anything in the weight room area, call the Health Promotions office at 372-6511 to set up an appointment. A weight room assistant is available should you need a spotter. For their protection, children under 16 are not permitted in this area.