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Assignment Process

Tennessee Tech accepts student applications for housing beginning October 1 through August 7 proceeding the academic year for when the housing is sought. Housing is assigned on a first come first serve basis, using the date on which Tennessee Tech received a completed application. A reservation deposit of $100 is due at the time of application, which is applied to the housing fee. Every effort is made to provide students with a room and/or roommate choice. Students who are currently living on campus receive priority only during the re-application/room selection process in March. Since assignments are made based on date of application, there is no guarantee roommate preferences will be honored when mutually requested. Only the student(s) to whom a room is assigned may reside there.

Cancellation of Housing Application/License Agreement

Written notification is required to cancel an active housing application. Please review the residency requirement information prior to requesting your housing application to be canceled. All such requests for release must be submitted in writing to the Office of Residential Life.

Intent to Return

Resident students will be given an opportunity in November of each year to notify the Office of Residential Life of his/her plans for the upcoming spring semester. Fall semester only residents can request his/her agreement to be extended to the upcoming spring semester. This request authorizes the Office of Residential Life to extend your current license agreement and commits you to the paying of rent for the spring semester.

Late Check-In

Upon written request, the Office of Residential Life will hold your assignment for a period of time after the official check-in time period has ended. Failure to notify our office will result in your being counted as a NO SHOW. Refer to NO SHOWS for more information.

License Agreement

Your license agreement is a very important document. Prior to signing your agreement, you should read over the terms and conditions stated. Your license agreement is binding for the entire time period you designate (fall semester, spring semester, academic year, and/or summer semester). Failing to designate a specific time period will result in your agreement being considered for the academic year. A fall only application can be renewed for the following spring semester.

Students, regardless of class standing, are obligated to fulfill the stated time period of his/her license agreement. Not checking into your room does not release you from your license agreement. Checking out of your room with a residence hall staff member does not release you from your license agreement. All student communication concerning the license agreement must be submitted in writing to the Director of Residential Life. Once the license agreement becomes effective, a student is released only in emergency situations.

Please read the license agreement carefully. The terms of this license agreement are not modified in any way by the verbal comments of a university employee or student.

You may sign your license agreement for a two-semester or one-semester time period. Signing a license agreement for two semesters commits you to paying rent for your room for two semesters --- even if you change your mind after one semester. Rent is paid for one semester at a time. Rent is due in full at the time you register and pay for classes.

No Shows

Your residence hall assignment will be held until the first day of classes. It is your responsibility to notify the Office of Residential Life in advance if you are unable to check in by this time. Any student who fails to notify our office will forfeit the current assignment space and if applicable have all personal items inventoried and declared as surplus property. Not checking into your room does not release you from your license agreement. You will need to choose a new assignment or submit a request for cancellation of the license agreement.

Overflow Housing

The Office of Residential Life will maintain overflow housing which is used to accommodate late applicants who request housing after all regular spaces are assigned. On-campus overflow housing refers to temporary assignments in an off-line residence hall requiring relocation to online residence halls as space becomes available. Off-campus overflow housing refers to motel assignments. Students will be advised of this status and given specific details and policy information at the time of an overflow housing assignment.

Re-Application/Room Selection

Applications to return to the residence hall system for the following semester and/or academic year are available during the reapplication/room selection week held in the spring. All current residents will receive information about the reapplication period well in advance through his/her campus post office box an/or email. This is the only time period that returning residents are given priority in the assignment process.

Residents who have met his/her residency requirement are STRONGLY encouraged to make application for fall only with the option to renew the following spring semester.

Residency Requirement

The University policy requires all freshmen and sophomore students to live in the residence halls. All requests for a waiver or an exception must be submitted in writing to the Director of Residential Life or his appointed designee.

The Basis for Waivers and Exceptions for living in the residence halls are:

  1. Students who are of junior classification status (60 or more hours).
  2. Students commuting from parent or legal guardian residency which is within a fifty mile radius.
  3. Students living with brother or sister who are enrolled full-time at the University within a fifty mile radius.
  4. Students participating in academic internship programs.
  5. Students with physical and/or emotional disabilities verified by a licensed physician.
  6. Married.
  7. A single parent.
  8. 21 years old by the first day of class of the semester.
  9. Emergency release granted by the Office of Residential Life.

PLEASE NOTE: The signing of a housing agreement obligates the student to fulfill the terms and conditions of the agreement for the duration of the agreement. The residence hall agreement can be signed for one semester or the entire academic year. A fall semester only agreement can be renewed for the following spring semester.

Room Changes and Hall Transfers

As a resident, you will have several opportunities to move from your current room to another room in your same residence hall or transfer to another hall.

In-Hall Room Changes/Hall Transfers

You may request a hall transfer during any point in the semester. To do this you must call 931 372 3414 and set up an appointment with your area coordinator, Ronald Mezime for Pinkerton Quad, Andrew Moneymaker for Capital Quad/Crawford, or Rebecca Spiegel for Tech Village.

Mediation Changes

If you really try and things just aren't working out let your RA/HD/AC know. He/she will work with you and your roommate(s) through a Roommate Mediation Workshop. While learning to live with differences is an important aspect of college life, we realize that sometimes needs and personalities are just too different. We also realize you may form friendships that result in a desire to change rooms or roommates.

All room changes must be approved in advance by the appropriate housing staff. Violators will be subject to an improper check-out charge and disciplinary action. Residents who change rooms without prior authorization may be required to move back to his/her original assignment.

Specialty Housing Communities

  1. Maddux Hall and McCord Hall are reserved for College of Engineering majors only.
  2. Murphy Hall is honors program housing only.
  3. MS Cooper Hall is dedicated as the International Hall.
  4. Jobe Hall is reserved for business majors only.

Students who choose to change his/her major while residing in a specialty area will be required to relocate to another hall the following semester. The student may be asked to relocate within any given semester at the discretion of the specialty program director.

When applying for specialty housing, please review residence hall rates for additional specialty housing fees. These rates can be found at or at

Members of the Honors program must fill out special forms for the Honors program applying for his/her specialty housing in addition to submitting a housing application and prepayment. The Honors program is responsible for roommate matching and room assignments in the Honors housing areas. Applicants desiring Honors housing should choose the Murphy Hall as first preference on the housing application/license agreement.

Specialty housing for Business majors is located in Jobe Hall. An applicant for business specialty housing must submit a housing application and prepayment choosing Jobe Hall as first preference on the housing application.

Engineering specialty housing is open to all College of Engineering majors. An applicant must denote Maddux Hall or McCord Hall as his/her preferred hall choice when submitting the housing application and prepayment.

Room Consolidation

If a student is not assigned a roommate or his/her roommate moves out of the room, the student that is left in the room will undergo a room consolidation process. It is important that we do this for a number of reasons:

  • We need to have additional open rooms to allow students that would like to make a room change and/or get a new roommate the opportunity to do so.
  • We need to have more open rooms to allow students who want to have a private/single room the opportunity to get one.
  • We need to be fair to those residents that have paid for a single room versus those that are living in a double room without a roommate and not buying out his/her room.

With this in mind, the student will need to do one of the following:

  • Find a new roommate of his/her choice to move in with him/her (this can be anyone of his/her choice or someone else that does not have a roommate).
  • Move in with someone else that does not have a roommate (this can be anyone of his/her choice, provided there is space or someone is willing to trade rooms).
  • Buy out his/her room, a double as a single ($525 per semester traditional hall; $750 per semester New Hall North or New Hall South).

Revised: October 10, 2011