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Student Affairs

There are all types of opportunities in and around the residence halls for you to get involved with activities, decision making and leadership. We want students to be involved in the halls and invest time and energy into making the place in which they live better. So do not just sit there, do something!!!

Employment Opportunities

The Office of Residential Life offers three main opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. During the year we employ hall directors, resident assistants and summer conference workers. These are all great ways to get involved in the residence halls and to make some extra money. If you are interested, contact the Office of Residential Life and visit for more information.

Hall/Floor Meetings

At the beginning of each semester, hall meetings are held by your RA/HD/AC and periodically during the semester. You will be held responsible for all information that is discussed during the meeting. Hall/floor meetings provide excellent opportunities for you to share concerns and ideas with the RA/HD/AC and community members about residential life.

Interest Survey

Each year an Interest Survey is done in conjunction with the Residence Hall Association (RHA). The purpose of this survey is to find points of interest and concern for the residents who live on-campus.


The Residential Life staff, along with your Residence Hall Association (RHA), offer programs and activities for your floor and hall throughout the year.

There is additional emphasis on areas other than the social and intellectual components, two already frequently programmed areas. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to continue to learn outside the classroom and feel more comfortable in your community as well as have fun.

We hope you get involved by either helping to plan and/or by attending these events. If you have a great idea for a program, want to help or just want to know when the next program is use the information below:

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Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the governing body for all students living in the residence halls at Tennessee Tech. The purposes of the RHA are to: work primarily for the welfare of all residence hall students; coordinate activities; serve as a channel of student opinion; ensure the students are aware of his/her responsibilities and constitutional rights; encourage the development of responsibilities, character, leadership, scholarship, citizenship; and create a spirit of unity and service. Each residence hall has two building representatives to promote good personal relations with the hall and to assist in the operation of the RHA.

The RHA is a group that needs "go-getters." The RHA brings together students from all halls that want to make a difference in his/her residence hall living experience. This group will keep itself busy planning and organizing activities and events. In addition the RHA will be asked for input by the Office of Residential Life on issues such as policy review and residence hall renovations. RHA is a great way to get out of your own hall and mingle on campus. Elected representatives of RHA are eligible for participation scholarships.

All residence hall students are considered members of the RHA. Dues may not be collected.

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Revised: March 10, 2011