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Cable Television Services

The Telecommunications Office operates the University's cable system. All television channels in on campus housing are NOW in a digital format. Any students/residents who have a flat panel type television that is digital ready will need to activate a auto channel scan from the menu of their television in order to begin viewing the channel lineup. Those who have older television sets that are the CRT type or not digital ready will need to purchase a digital ready television or convertor box with a QAM tuner. QAM tuners are standard on most recently produced flat panel televisions. If your choice is to purchase a convertor box please be sure it has a QAM tuner in order to view the digital television lineup. Digital convertor boxes usually can be purchased around $45. They are widely available online at and eBay among other sites. No retailer in Cookeville carries a box with a QAM tuner and will not carry it. Usually the boxes that are sold in Cookeville are not compatible with cable television and are made for antenna use. Here is the link to the box: For more information concerning television services please visit the Telecommunications website at To view a current listing of the stations offered on the cable television network, please visit the Telecommunications website at All cable problems are to be reported to the Telecommunications Office by dialing 931 372 3803, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Students are not authorized to alter his/her cable in any way; this includes repositioning your cable line. Students who alter his/her CATV cable may incur a service charge from the Office of Telecommunications.

Health and Safety Checks

Residence hall staff will inspect rooms for cleanliness, sanitation, and safety monthly. Please refer to the directory board for times and dates. Additionally, Residential Life staff reserves the right to check your room to ensure proper health and safety standards at times other than those posted.

To limit the likelihood of insects becoming a problem, you should not store perishable items in open containers. It is your responsibility to keep your room clean and to properly dispose of trash in outside dumpsters.

ATTENTION NEW HALL SOUTH AND NEW HALL NORTH: Your closets will be opened to check fire safety equipment.

Housekeeping Services

Custodians are employed on a daily basis to clean hallways, public lounge areas, public bathrooms, vending and laundry facilities. The cleaning and the supply of cleaning materials for rooms and living areas and the proper disposal of garbage are the responsibilities of the individual residents. Monthly inspections are conducted by residence hall staff to ensure compliance in living areas with health and safety standards. Any dishes left in common areas for over 24 hours will be discarded. Linen services are not provided.

Contact your staff to see if brooms and mops are available in your residence hall. If you have any questions concerning the cleanliness of the common areas, please contact your residence hall staff member or call the Office of Residential life maintenance hotline 931 372 3272.

The residents of each room will be held responsible for his/her room. This includes cleanliness, general housekeeping practices and general appearances. Do not leave your trash in public areas. It creates a fire hazard and is a violation of the residence hall code of conduct. Residents must take all trash and boxes directly down to the dumpsters located adjacent to buildings immediately.

Inspection of Rooms

All rooms will be inspected by student staff prior to occupancy. The condition of the room will be noted clearly on the residence hall check-in/check-out record and inventory form. You are advised to review carefully the condition of the room as indicated on the form. Your signature indicates that you are in agreement with the condition stated.

When you vacate the room, any damages or discrepancies from the original inspection will be noted, and you will be charged for the damage. You will receive a bill from the University that must be paid before you can re-enroll or receive any official University credentials.

The University reserves the right to inspect rooms for health, safety and standards of maintenance at any time.

Interim Housing

Students needing to stay during Christmas break, between spring and summer terms and between the summer and fall terms must apply for interim housing in the Office of Residential Life. When approved an interim fee will be assessed.

The Office of Residential Life reserves the right to limit the number of students housed, the time that housing will be provided, services provided, where students will be housed, and/or not to provide interim housing. The residence halls will remain open for fall break,Thanksgiving break and spring break.

Laundry Facilities

Unlimited and free-access washers and dryers are available for your convenience in each hall for resident students only. For the protection of your personal belongings, do not leave your items unattended. Please report any malfunction of machines and/or to request reimbursement for damages directly to the Maytag vendor by calling 1 800 927 9274 or by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Report vandalism by calling University police at 931 372 3234.


The Tennessee Technological University Facilities and Business Services Office schedules and completes repairs as needed. Problems in your room or problems you observe in public areas should be reported directly to the Office of Residential Life maintenance hotline 931 372 3272 from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday. In the event that an emergency repair need occurs during the evening, holiday or weekend hours, contact the RA/HD/AC on duty in your hall. When repair needs are reported to our office, a maintenance work order is submitted to Facilities and Business Services. If you have a question about the status of your repair request, contact the Facilities and Business Services Office at 931 372 3272. While every attempt is made to respect your privacy, by reporting a maintenance need in your room, you are authorizing access by Facilities and Business Services staff during their working hours, 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday - Friday. Please plan accordingly.


Spaces are available in the vicinity of the halls for parking. Parking permits must be obtained from the University police office or during registration at the vehicle registration table. If for some reason you must bring a substitute car on campus, a temporary permit may be obtained from the University police office. The temporary permit is free of charge and is valid for two weeks from the initial issue date. You must already have purchased a permanent parking permit before a temporary permit will be issued.

Please contact the University police office during regular business hours, 8:00 am – 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday, phone number 931 372 3234.

It is not advisable to keep valuable possessions in your car.

Pest Control

You may report any problems with pests by calling the Office of Residential Life maintenance hotline, 931 372 3272. Room spraying is done only on Fridays. All belongings under the bed, in bottom of closets, and surrounding the baseboards on the floor must be removed; beds, chests and desks must be pulled away from the walls (approximately 8 inches) to allow easy access to those areas.

ResNet Services

ResNet Services are available in all residence halls. To use these services students must have his/her own computer with network card and cable and/or wifi capability. The network card can be purchased on campus at the University Bookstore. Information Technology Services will assist students, if needed, in connecting to the ResNet services. Please visit the ResNet web site,, for complete details, instructions, frequently asked questions and policies and procedures.

Telephone & Cable Television Services

Each residence hall room is equipped with a dual jack, a telephone with voicemail and caller identification (ID) features, if requested, and a cable television outlet. Students are not authorized to alter the telephone in any way. Service charges will be assessed for any alteration which includes removing the phone from the wall. In order to use caller ID, students will need to purchase a caller ID box which can be plugged into the bottom of the dual jack. Most caller ID boxes are compatible.

An authorization code is required for long distance service, and it can be obtained at the Telecommunications Office in the University Police Building located at 90 West 8th Street. Students will be billed for long-distance calls on a monthly basis by Telecommunications. Bills should be paid no later than the 15th of each month at the cashier's window in Derryberry Hall. After the 15th a late charge will be applied. Third-party and collect calls may not be billed to a room telephone. A service charge plus the cost of the bill will be added to the student's next bill.

All telephone or cable television repairs should be reported to Telecommunications at 931 372 3803 between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

  • Dialing Instructions
    • Administrative numbers: dial the last four digits
    • Collect or calling card calls: dial 9 + 0 + area code + number
    • Local Cookeville numbers: dial 9 + local number
    • Long-distance numbers: dial 9 + 1 + area code + number + auth code
    • International numbers: dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + number + auth code
    • Student numbers: dial the last four digits
    • Emergency Services: dial 911
    • The domestic (Continental U.S.) long distance rate is $0.15 per minute twenty-four hours a day.
  • Voice Mail (to obtain a voice mail box number contact Telecommunications at 931 372 3803)
    • To access your mailbox follow the instructions below:
    • Dial into the voice mail system by dialing the number "3000" from an on-campus phone
    • To initialize your new mailbox follow the voice mail prompts. Voice mail will ask you to enter a security code. Enter 111111. The system will then ask you to enter your own personal password (your person password must be between 6 to 15 digits).
    • Follow the voice prompts to enter your own greeting.
    • Special Notes - The "#" key is an enter key. It tells the voice mail system that you have completed an action. The "*" key will back you up one step in the system or erase your last action.
    • When you dial into the system "3000" and enter your box number followed by your password, you will be given the option to press 1+1 to review your messages or press 2 to send a message. You may also press 3 to locate messages or 4 for personal options. The system will provide prompts at each level.

Temperature Control

When the heat is turned on in the fall, it will remain on until the end of the winter. Therefore, decisions to turn on the heat will be made when a consistent change in the weather requires it.

After the heat is turned on, it takes some time to get a uniform temperature across campus. Residents should notify the staff if rooms remain too cold or too hot for an extended period of time.

When the air-conditioning is turned on in the spring, it will remain on until the end of the summer; therefore, decisions to turn on the air-conditioning will be made the same as the heat.

The above statement does not apply to the New Hall North and New Hall South which have interchangeable heating/air.


Carbonated beverages, juice and snack machines are located in residence hall lobbies.

If you lose money in a snack machine, refunds are available by contacting the University Business Office located in Derryberry Hall, Room 100.

Revised: March 10, 2011