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Check-in Process

When you arrive, you need to check in with the residence hall staff and obtain your key. A member of the residence hall staff will have already inspected your room and noted on our residence hall check-in/check-out records and inventory form the condition of your room. You need to review the residence hall check-in/check-out record and inventory form carefully before signing the sheet. A careful examination of the physical condition of the room should be made by the resident and notations of damage or missing furniture and/or equipment should be entered on the residence hall check-in/check-out record and inventory form. You are responsible for the accuracy of all information on the residence hall check-in/check-out record and inventory form. Students are held responsible for damages to his/her room during his/her period of occupancy. Individuals who can be identified as responsible for damages will be billed accordingly. During the check-in process, you will be given several important notices that you should read carefully.

Check-out Process

When checking out, students must leave his/her room in a clean and orderly condition or he/she will be charged. If students leave without signing the residence hall check-in/check-out form, an automatic charge of $35 will be levied. An additional charge of $35 will be assessed for an unreturned key. Any time a student changes occupancy, the residence hall check-in/check-out record and inventory form will be used. The room a student vacates is "closed out" and the room the student enters is "opened." Please pay close attention to this procedure because students will be billed directly from these forms at the end of the check-in/check-out process.

Checking out without receiving a release from the Director of Residential Life will result in rent being charged to you. Checking out and returning your key does not cancel your housing license agreement. A residence hall check-in/check-out record and inventory form must be signed and room vacated within 48 hours of the termination of the housing license agreement.

General Information

When preparing for check-out, you are responsible for:

  1. Removing all personal belongings from the room, bathroom, and any common area, and restoring of the room to the original check in condition.
  2. Cleaning your room by properly disposing of trash, removing any and all personalization, sweeping and mopping the floors.
  3. Working out cleaning schedules to avoid collective billing charges for cleaning and restoration.

Time Periods

Close of semester:

  1. Complete a check-out with your current staff during designated appointment.
  2. Hours are posted in your residence hall. Hours will vary during finals week.


Complete a withdrawal form with the Office of Student Affairs, Roaden University Center, Room 221.

Schedule a check-out time with your current hall staff to occur during regular RA/HD/AC duty hours.

A residence hall check-in/check-out form must be signed and room vacated within 48 hours of the date of withdrawal.


When extenuating circumstances occur, make an appointment with your RA/HD/AC to perform your checkout at a time that is convenient for both you and the hall staff member or contact the Office of Residential Life during the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

Extension Cords

Extension cords shall be maintained in good repair and must be UL/FM approved and only used in accordance with its rated application or meet standards of the National Electrical Code, NEPA 70.

Extension cords will not be used outside a room in which the fixture outlet is located. Under no circumstances shall any extension cord or electrical cord be spliced. No more than one extension cord shall be used for each appliance.


Upon checking into his/her residence hall room, the student signs a residence hall check-in/check-out form. On this form is a list of the furniture assigned to that room. The student is responsible for ensuring that each piece of the furniture remains in his/her room. Any furniture missing or damaged at checkout will result in a charge to the student’s account. Each room must be returned to its original arrangement before the student(s) will be allowed to check out.

Individuals are responsible for providing pillows, linens, study lamps and toiletries. You may not remove the University furniture or equipment from the room. You are responsible for inspecting the condition of your room when moving in and out, and you are held accountable for any damage to University furnishings and equipment.


The non-refundable cost of replacing a lost key, re-keying the lock core and issuing additional replacement keys for your roommate(s) is $35. This is billable through the Office of Residential Life and payable at the cashier window located in Derryberry Hall. This charge is necessary to ensure the safety of all room residents.

If a student loses his/her room key, he/she should contact a member of his/her residence hall staff immediately. The staff member will issue a loaner key for a period of seven (7) days during which time the student may locate his/her original key. Student will need to see a staff member to return the loaner key and either the original key was located or a work order will be issued to recore the door. Upon the door lock/key being changed out, the affected student(s) will need to see a member of the hall staff between 7:00 pm and 12:00 midnight to receive his/her new key.


You may have a microwave as long as it does not exceed 1,000 watts. In addition to wattage requirements, you must use a power strip with a circuit breaker.

If your microwave unit exceeds 1,000 watts or you are not using an approved power strip with circuit breaker, you will be given 24 hours to correct the situation. Failure to correct the situation within 24 hours will result in disciplinary action.


If you own your refrigerator and it meets the specifications listed, you may use it in the residence halls. The unit will be inspected within the first two weeks of school. If, at that time, we find that it does not meet our requirements, you will be requested to remove the unit from your room.

The specifications necessary for approval are:

  • 4.4 cu ft. or smaller.
  • The refrigerator must have electrical draw power low enough to prevent overload of electrical circuits – approximately 2 amps, 120 volt, 60 cycle AC. You must use a power strip with a circuit breaker. If your refrigerator exceeds these requirements you will be given 24 hours to correct the situation. Failure to correct the situation within 24 hours will result in disciplinary action.

If you would rather rent your refrigerator, Tennessee Tech partners with rent MicroFridges to students.

Room Personalization

An empty residence hall room can be drab. Putting up posters, pictures and decorations can add that homey touch. Be very careful and make sure no holes or any type of damage results when hanging these items. You also may want to provide decorative lamps, throw pillows, plants or other personal items. It is a good idea to discuss any room personalization with your roommate(s) before you begin. Every room is painted on a regular schedule.

Residents desiring to personalize rooms:

  • May not use wallpaper or contact paper in room due to the possible damage to university facilities.
  • May not paint any part of room or university furniture or equipment. Facilities personnel paint residence hall rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and lobbies according to a maintenance schedule during the summer.
  • May not use nails to hang items in your room.
  • Use of non-adhesive materials to personalize the inside of your room is permitted. NOTE: Residents will be responsible for any damage caused by use of adhesive material and will be charged for damage.
  • Wall hangings such as fish netting, posters, and tapestries may not be hung from ceiling light fixtures, over radiators, or electrical outlets.
  • Paper decorations, posters, fish nets, other wall decorations and/or a combination of may not cover more than 25% of the surface of any wall.
  • All types of personalization must be removed at the close of each academic year or any time when residents are not returning to the room.

Smoke Detectors

Each residence hall room is equipped with a smoke detector. If the smoke detector battery does not work call the maintenance hotline 931 372 3272.

Students are not to tamper with smoke detectors. Tampering with smoke detectors will result in a restoration charge and judicial action.

Smoke detectors in the New Hall North and New Hall South are wired into the electrical system and do not require batteries.


Waterbeds and other water-filled furniture are not permitted in the residence halls.


The Office of Residential Life strongly encourages students to keep his/her windows closed when the heating/cooling system is operating. For the security of your personal property, windows should remain locked and curtains or blinds drawn when no one is home. No items shall be stored, thrown and/or passed from any residence hall window.

Revised: March 10, 2011