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Maddux & McCord Halls

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Name: Maddux & McCord Halls

Built: 1966
Co-Ed; College of Engineering Majors Only
Maddux Hall - 116 students; McCord Hall - 126 students

Learning Villages

The Village concept was conceived to create smaller, more personal groups within the larger university setting, to enhance student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom and to increase positive student connections within the University. Each Village will be organized around a common theme and supported by a Faculty Head (with an office located in the hall) working together with the Assistant Coordinator, the Residential Life staff and the village residents. The Faculty Head, hall staff, and students work together planning programs around their theme as well as a variety of social and educational opportunities provided to help residents better enhance their success at Tennessee Tech.

Beginning Fall 2010 we opened the Environmental Village (New Hall North) and the Service Village (New Hall South). Fall 2011 opened with the Engineering Village (Maddux/McCord Halls) and the Women’s Village (Crawford Hall). New for Fall 2012 will be the Global Village (MS Cooper/Pinkerton Halls) and the Arts and Media Village (Ellington/Warf Halls). Each “Village” will have study areas, with tutoring opportunities as well as a classroom to be used for classes related to the village theme. Each Village is also designed to provide additional student leadership opportunities through each of the individual Village Councils.

Engineering Village

  • Location: Maddux/McCord Halls
  • Established: Fall 2011
  • Faculty Head: Dr. Lenly Weathers
  • Assistant Coordinator: Rebecca Sadler
  • Colors: TBA
  • Logo: TBA
  • Nickname: TBA

As a part of the Engineering Village there will be a number of activities and programs scheduled throughout the academic year geared towards students taking College of Engineering classes.

For additional information regarding the Village program or an individual Village please contact the Residential Life office at: 931-372-3414 or



  • Room is:
    • 12ft 3 1/2" deep
    • 16ft 4" wide
  • Beds are standard twin size:
    • 36 inches x 76 inches
  • Window is:
    • 5ft 1/2" tall
    • 3ft 10 1/2" wide
  • Closet is:
    • 2 ft 1" deep
    • 4 ft 1" wide

    Who were these halls named after?

    < no_photo_available

    John Jared Maddux (former Tennessee Lieutenant Governor) was born in July of 1912. He became a prominent attorney in Cookeville then became Speaker of House and Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee.

    < mccord

    Jim Nance McCord (Tennessee Governor from 1945-1949) was born in 1879. A self-taught man and editor of the Marshall County Gazette, he served thirteen terms as mayor of Lewisburg and one term in Congress (1943-1945) before he was elected governor. Taking on Edward H. Crump’s powerful political machine. McCord successfully pushed the first state sales tax, using the funds to improve the educational system, and provided retirement for teachers. Despite its benefits, the popularity of the tax and McCord’s “open shop” labor policies lost him his bid for re-election to a third term. McCord served as a member of the 1953 Constitutional Convention and as conservative commissioner under Frank Clement. McCord died in 1968