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Name: MS Cooper & Pinkerton Halls
MS Cooper and Pinkerton Halls: Co-Ed; Any Major
Pinkerton Hall - 103 students; MS Cooper Hall - 87 students

Learning Villages

The Village concept was conceived to create smaller, more personal groups within the larger university setting, to enhance student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom and to increase positive student connections within the University. Each Village will be organized around a common theme and supported by a Faculty Head (with an office located in the residential hall) working together with the Assistant Coordinator, the Residential Life staff and the Village residents. The Faculty Head, hall staff and students work together planning programs around their theme as well as a variety of social and educational opportunities provided to help residents better enhance their success at Tennessee Tech.

Beginning Fall 2010 we opened the Environmental Village (New Hall North) and the Service Village (New Hall South). Fall 2011 opened with the Engineering Village (Maddux/McCord Halls) and the Women’s Village (Crawford Hall). New for Fall 2012 will be the Global Village (MS Cooper/Pinkerton Halls) and the Arts and Media Village (Ellington/Warf Halls). Each “Village” will have study areas, with tutoring opportunities as well as a classroom to be used for classes related to the village theme. Each Village is also designed to provide additional student leadership opportunities through each of the individual Village Councils.

Global Village

  • Location: MS Cooper/Pinkerton Halls
  • Established: New for Fall 2012
  • Faculty Head: Dr. Matthew Zagumny
  • Assistant Coordinator: Lauren Johnson
  • Colors: Blue and Green
  • Nickname: The Embassy

Open to all residents who want to be part of a stimulating international community. American residents living in the Global Village can anticipate having an international roommate. To support our international population, break housing is located in the Global Village – students can essentially live here year round.

For additional information regarding the Village program or an individual Village please contact the Residential Life office at: 931-372-3414 or


  • Double Rooms With Limited Private Rooms
  • Community Bathrooms
  • Cable Service
  • Telephone & Telephone Service
  • Voicemail
  • ResNet (Internet) Access
  • Electronic Card Access
  • Laundry Community Use
  • Tobacco Free
  • Social Lobbies
  • Study Lobbies
  • Vending


Here are the measurements for a typical room in this hall.

Measurements will vary according to the location of the room within the building.

  • Room is:
    • 12ft 3 1/2" deep
    • 16ft 4" wide
  • Beds are standard twin size.
    • 36 inches x 76 inches
  • Window is:
    • 5ft 10 1/2" tall
    • 3ft 10 1/2" wide
  • Closet is:
    • 2 ft 1" deep
    • 4 ft 1" wide

Floor Plan (rooms may vary):


Who were these halls named after?


Herman and Marguerite Pinkerton served the university for more than 50 years. He joined the faculty as an associate professor of political science in 1926 and quickly became involved in forensic activities. The speech club, he helped develop, in 1930 became the Pinkerton Society. His teams won 12 state championships in debate. He was also director for 23 years of the District V Tennessee Interscholastic Literary League, which became the Speech and Drama League. Mrs. Pinkerton was a high school debate coach in Cookeville for many years. She assisted her husband throughout his career. Together, they matched contributions to the Pinkerton Debate Scholarship Fund dollar for dollar.


Mattie Sue Cooper began working in Tennessee Tech’s library in 1945. She was head of the library’s reference department for 15 years and helped the Rho Epsilon Rho pep club, served as sponsor of various classes and participated on many committees. She was, for years, a member of the Pinkerton Scholarship Committee, a logical task since she was a member of one of the first women’s teams to debate at TTU.