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The Village concept was conceived to create smaller, more personal groups within the larger university setting, to enhance student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom and to increase positive student connections within the University. Each Village will be organized around a common theme and supported by a Faculty Head (with an office located in the hall) working together with the Assistant Coordinator, the Residential Life staff and the village residents. The Faculty Head, hall staff and students work together planning programs around their theme as well as a variety of social and educational opportunities provided to help residents better enhance their success at Tennessee Tech.

Beginning Fall 2010 we opened the Environmental Village (New Hall North) and the Service Village (New Hall South). Fall 2011 opened with the Engineering Village (Maddux/McCord Halls) and the Women’s Village (Crawford Hall). New for Fall 2012 will be the Global Village (MS Cooper/Pinkerton Halls) and the Arts and Media Village (Ellington/Warf Halls). Each “Village” will have study areas, with tutoring opportunities as well as a classroom to be used for classes related to the village theme. Each Village is also designed to provide additional student leadership opportunities through each of the individual Village Councils.


  • Location: New Hall North
  • Established: Fall 2010
  • Faculty Head: Andy Smith
  • Assistant Coordinator: Caitlin McCowan
  • Treehouse Colors: Purple, Gold and Green
  • A sampling of popular events from the past include:
    • Partnership with TTU Organic Farm to feed folks at Cookeville Rescue Mission
    • Weekly game nights with free food and fun with the Faculty Head
    • Neighborhood wilderness cleanup at Trog Sink
    • Home base for TTU recycling efforts, Bike Share, and Student Environmental Action Coalition


  • Location: New Hall South
  • Established: Fall 2010
  • Faculty Head: Peggy Kilgore
  • Assistant Coordinator: Melvin Buchanan
  • The Service Station Colors: Light Blue and Yellow
  • The Service and Leadership Village is one of the Living & Learning Villages on Tennessee Tech’s campus. This new establishment encourages students to be leaders on campus while doing community service. There are always chances to get involved in service projects on campus.
    One of these service opportunities includes the Tech Buddy Program, which is orchestrated by the Faculty Head of SNL, Ms. Peggy Kilgore. The Tech Buddy Program is a new creation and has been a successful addition to the Service Station. It clears a barrier between American and international students. Ms. Kilgore plans a Meet & Greet for students to meet and chat with their Tech Buddy with ease at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester there is a Farewell Party for international students who will be leaving to go back to their native country.
    Also, students in the residence hall have participated in service opportunities such as Race for the Cure, AARF, Operation Christmas Child, Cardboard City, Relay for Life, and cleaning around campus.
    In addition to the service aspect of the Service and Leadership Village, there are also chances to enroll in classes in the residence hall. Typically, there are two or three classes offered in SNL every semester. One must obtain a permit in order to be in these classes. However, it is easy to do. The classes are easily accessible and academically enthralling.
    If you are considering being a part of a Living & Learning Village and you are interested in doing community service and would like the opportunity of going to class where you live, the Service Station is an excellent choice.


  • Location: Maddux/McCord Halls
  • Established: Fall 2011
  • Faculty Head: Dr. Lenly Weathers
  • Assistant Coordinator: Allen Nichols
  • Engineering Village Colors: Black and Purple
  • As a part of the Engineering Village there will be a number of activities and programs scheduled throughout the academic year geared towards students taking College of Engineering classes.
  • Location: Crawford Hall
  • Established: Fall 2011
  • Faculty Head: Dr. Paula Hinton
  • Assistant Coordinator: TBA
  • Crawford Village Colors: Teal and Brown
  • As a part of the Women’s Village program there will be a number of activities and events scheduled throughout the academic year selected to support women on a college campus.
  • Location: Ellington/Warf Halls
  • Established: Fall 2012
  • Faculty Head: Scott Christen
  • Assistant Coordinator: Priscilla McCowan
  • Arts and Media Village Colors: Charcoal Grey and Lime Green
  • This Village invites residents interested in visual, literary and performing arts including music, theater, film, and digital/online media and communication. Share your passion in one or more of these areas with fellow residents, even if you are majoring in something other than the arts or humanities.
  • Location: MS Cooper/Pinkerton Halls
  • Name: The Embassy
  • Established: Fall 2013
  • Faculty Head: Matthew J. Zagumny, Ph.D.
  • Assistant Coordinator: Lauren Johnson
  • Global Village Colors: Blue and Green
  • Tech Wars Champions: 2013-2014 Academic Year
  • Open to all residents who want to be part of a stimulating international community. American residents living in the Global Village can anticipate having an international roommate. To support our international population, break housing is located in the Global Village – students can essentially live here year round.
  • Location: Browning/Evins Halls
  • Established: New for Fall 2013
  • Faculty Head: David Hajdik, Associate Professor @ the Volpe Library
  • Assistant Coordinator: Greg Pateras
  • Browning/Evins Village Colors: TBA
  • The Men's Village is a newly established Living & Learning Village at Browning/Evins Halls that will make the most of your university experience and help you succeed academically. Students in this Village will have an opportunity to form the Village theme and direction at the beginning of the Fall semester. Open to everyone!

For additional information regarding the Village program or an individual Village please contact the Office of Residential Life at: 931-372-3414 or