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Is your son or daughter considering joining Greek Life here at Tennessee Tech University? If so, please take some time to learn what the fraternity and sorority community at Tech is all about.

Fraternity and sorority life at Tech can offer a lot to any student. Whether they are looking for opportunities in

  • Scholarship
  • Philanthropy and community service
  • Leadership development
  • Networking
  • Campus involvement
the Greek community at Tennessee Tech can provide an outlet for your child to become a more well-rounded individual.

Choosing to become part of a Greek organization also allows your son or daughter to meet new people and develop a support network in their new environment away from home. Membership gives them the opportunity to participate in many campus and chapter events, volunteer service, and to create a lasting group of friends. What does membership in a Greek letter organization mean for my son or daughter academically? The primary goal of any student attending Tennessee Tech should be to obtain a quality education. In keeping with that goal, all fraternities and sororities have academic standards their members must maintain to stay in good standing with the organization. In order to help their members succeed academically, many of the Greek organizations will offer scholarship opportunities, study halls, and/or incentive programs for academic achievement.

For more information about the Tennessee Tech University Greek Community, check out the following section:


Tennessee Tech’s alumni and parents are the Greek Community’s greatest asset. Past members of Tech’s Greek Life and parents alike can give back to the community that they helped to grow through monetary donations. If you would like to give back to Greek Life, go to the University Foundation's Online Donation page. Once there, you will see that their are several drop-down options for donation amounts and designations. Choose the appropriate amount and then for the designation select "other." Then enter Greek Life as the description of the designation.