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What is formal recruitment?

Formal recruitment (or “rush”) is the concentrated period at the beginning of the fall semester when fraternities and sororities work together to get new students interested in joining their organizations. It's a time to learn more about Greek life, to meet a lot of new and upper class students, and to discover what affiliation with a Greek organization has to offer you. Check it out!

Do I have to register to go to a fraternity or sorority recruitment event?

For Fraternity functions, you do not have to be pre-registered to attend recruitment events, but you must formally register in order to be invited to join.

For sorority functions, you must be pre-registered before the first night of events. Potential
members are assigned to groups led by a Recruitment Counselor, also called a Pi Chi (pronounced "pi ki").

Does formal recruitment cost anything?

Fraternity recruitment does not cost anything to participate. Sorority recruitment does cost $25 until August 24. The cost increases to $25 after August 24 to cover office fees and printing costs and includes a recruitment t-shirt.

Will there be alcohol at the recruitment events?

No! The Greek students of TTU believe that establishing friendships is the purpose of recruitment and that the use of alcohol in recruitment functions does nothing to promote friendship. Therefore, alcohol is strictly prohibited as part of any recruitment function or any activity that may be considered related to membership recruitment.

If a Greek organization or a fraternity or sorority member gives you alcohol then it may indicate that organization is unable to make friends without using alcohol as a crutch. It also shows that the organization is not able to follow its own rules regarding the use of alcohol in recruitment. Violations of this rule will be dealt with a zero tolerance policy.

What is the Panhellenic Mixer?

The Panhellenic Mixer and Orientation is an event scheduled for Wednesday, September 2nd at 7 PM in the RUC Multipurpose Room. It is hosted by the Panhellenic Council. This event will give you a chance to learn more about TTU's sororities, recruitment, and Greek life in general.

Where are the recruitment events?

The fraternities hold their recruitment events at their houses, many of which are advertised for in the residence halls and by word of mouth. A map of the fraternity houses is located here. Sororities host their events in their Sorority Suites located in New Hall North. For sorority recruitment, you will meet with your Pi Chi everyday before the events begin, and she will show you the location of the chapter rooms. This is a great opportunity to go out and meet people that may be future Greeks along with you!

What happens at recruitment events?

At fraternity events each house usually has a different theme for each night, such as sports night and game night. These themes are carried out through the food that is served and the music played and help to set everyone at ease so that conversation can flow more easily. The last night of fraternity recruitment is generally more formal and is invitation only (coat and/or tie required). You may use your own discretion to decide how many and which chapters and events to attend until the last night.

Sorority events are more formalized in structure with all potential members visiting every chapter the first night and reducing the number of chapters that they visit until they visit only one or two on the last night. Each night of sorority recruitment has a specific structure that starts off very casual (with “Values and Sisterhood" round) and becomes progressively more serious and slightly more dressy (with "Philanthropy" round and then the most formal event “Preference Night”).

What are the financial obligations of being Greek?

The members of each organizations pay dues that fund things such as:

  • Insurance
  • House maintenance
  • Programming cost
  • Formal events

No chapter funds are to be used for the purchase of alcohol or drugs. The dues for each chapter are different are different and even though your decision on which organization to join should not be made on the dollar amount, it is good to be informed of the cost and how the money is spent.

Will I be hazed if I join?

Hazing is not tolerated at TTU. All Greek organizations, the Office of Greek Life, and the University strictly prohibit all hazing practices. Please refer to the TTU Student Handbook (section C) for hazing definitions and disciplinary procedures. In addition, hazing is illegal per Tennessee State Law. If you are a victim of a hazing incident, please contact the Office of Greek Life immediately.