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Student Affairs

Service Center Committee 2014/2015

  • Dr. Pat Bagley, Professor, College of Agricultural and Human Sciences
  • Dr. Rita Barnes, Director, Honors Program
  • Mr. Marc Burnett, Vice President, Student Affairs, Committee Executive Officer
  • Ms. Lelia Gibson, Director of Communications and Special Projects, College of Business
  • Ms. Karen Lykins, Associate Vice President, Communications and Marketing
  • Dr. Robert Hodum, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Mark Stephens, Senior Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Sharon Huo, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Paula Hinton, Faculty Head, Women’s Village
  • Dr. Lenly Weathers, Faculty Head, Engineering Village
  • Dr. Lance Jasitt, Assistant Athletics Director for Academics
  • Dr. Lori Maxwell, Faculty Head, Service and Learning Village, Committee Co-chair
  • Dr. Roy Loutzenheiser, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
  • Mr. Charlie Macke, Director, Residential Life
  • Ms. Patricia L. Smith, Director, Counseling Center
  • Dr. Jeff Roberts, Chair, History
  • Dr. Linda Null, Coordinator, University 1020
  • Ms. Janet Whitaker, Coordinator, Academic Development Program
  • Dr. Ada Haynes, Faculty Advisor for Service Learning, Committee Co-Chair
  • Dr. Tom Timmerman, Professor, Decision Sciences & Management
  • Dr. Stephen Canfield, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Ms. Shelley Brown, Instructor, Sociology and Political Science
  • Mr. Andy Smith, Faculty Head, Environmental Village
  • Dr. Lizabeth Self-Mullens, Dean, College of Agriculture and Human Sciences
  • Dr. Jennifer Shank, Dean, College of Education
  • Ms. Michelle Huddleston, Service Coordinator, University Service Center
  • Ms. Kaitlin Salyer, Assistant Service Coordinator, University Service Center

February 19, 2015 will be the next meeting for this group. It will be held in the Student Affairs Conference Room, RUC 224 at 11:00 am

TTU Directions for Service Learning

(Established by Service Learning Committee)

Emphasize service as one of our three primary functions with teaching and research.

Recognize and reward service activities.

Seek new and innovative service opportunities.

Seek funding from various sources to support SL events.

Participate in partnerships and collaborate with other institutions and community partners.

Establish and support campus-wide infrastructure.

Provide all students with opportunities to participate in service learning activities.

Conduct research related to service learning.

Share knowledge gained through publications and presentations.

Effectively communicate the impact of service provided by TTU to the institution and throughout the region.