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Service Learning Guidelines for Students (Course Related Service)

  • You must select a non-profit agency.
  • You must work the required number of hours.
  • Within one week of receiving the contract from the professor, you should have it signed and returned.
  • Each time you do your service learning hours, you should sign in with a time log to your agency and have it signed by the director/coordinator.
  • You should complete a journal entry for each time you complete some service-learning hours. This entry should tell what you did that day and include experiences that relate to the class.
  • At the end of your service learning experience you will have the director/coordinator complete a form.
  • We recommend that you write a paper. This paper will include a history of the agency, need for the agency, summary of your activities and experiences at the agency, relate the course materials to your experience with the agency, suggestions for improving the agency, and positive aspects of the agency. (Faculty should include in this section any specific questions that require students to reflect on their service learning experience as it relates to specific aspects of the course).

Non-Course Related Service

The Center can accommodate your needs and interests concerning service to the community. Please fill out the following Student Needs Assessment and come to the Center to choose and Non-Profit Agency to work with.

Student Needs Assessment


Active Service Projects

A list of active TTU service projects is provided by a link on the Center web page. We are currently recruiting volunteers for various projects, please visit the Service Center RUC 108 and sign up to participate.