Greek Life


All event notifications must be submitted at least one week before the proposed date of the event. Organizations will receive a confirmation of received forms for their event after reviewal by the Office of Greek Life.

  • Event Notification Forms

  • Events With Alcohol

    Chapters must register all events, including those with alcohol. Below are the required steps and forms necessary to register chapter events with alcohol. For any questions regarding this process, please email

    • Greek Function with Alcohol Form

    • Bring Your Own Beer (BYOB) Checklist (Complete before, during, and after event)
    • Third Party Vendor Checklist
    • Security Checklist (Pick up in Greek Life Office)

      Guest Lists
      • Provide a typed list of all invitees (both chapter members + guests)
      • Guest lists must be numbered.
      • The guest list submitted to the Office of Greek Life should be in the sign-in format that the chapter wishes to use; once submitted it will be stamped and returned to use for the registered party.
      • Guest lists are due to the Office of Greek Life 48 hours prior to the event; wristbands will be given to the officer in charge after the guest list is approved. 

  • Member Management

    • Membership Bio-Card
      All members of Greek Life at Tennessee Tech are REQUIRED to complete this form upon receiving a bid from either an IFC, NPHC, or Panhellenic chapter. This form MUST be submitted by the new member and no other chapter representative.
    • Member Management System
      Chapter rosters should be updated throughout the semester.
      The following statuses are irreversible: Alumni, Depinned, Depledged, Expelled, Removed, Turned in Pin.
      Any member marked as inactive must remain inactive for the completion of the semester and through the following semester.
    • Chapter Executive Officer/Director/Chair Update Form
      Due by the last day of classes each semester.
      All positions listed on the form must be updated each year.
    • Advisor(s) Update Form
      Note: This form is only for updating graduate advisors. This may include representatives from your chapter's Board of Chapter Advisors or a graduate who advises the undergraduate chapter within any of the following capacities: Standards, IFC/NPHC/Panhellenic council advisors, Social, Membership/Recruitment, or Finance.
      Please see the Office of Greek Life for Faculty Advisor Updates
    Please see the Office of Greek Life for any questions or concerns.

  • Other Forms

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