Faculty-Led Programs Abroad

Faculty-led program abroad procedures


1. Travel Advisories, Alerts and Warnings: The State Department issues travel advisories for each country of the world.  The new advisories are listed as levels 1-4 regarding safety. Information about conditions are listed that may pose risks to the safety of U.S. citizens.  If the country you wish to take students to is at a level one or two, then the TTU group can travel. If the country is at a level 3, then the program will have to be reviewed closely by the Provost and the Study Abroad Office before a decision can be made. Faculty who choose to propose a country with a level 3 advisory must also propose an alternate location for their program. Faculty may not, under any circumstances, take TTU students to a country with an advisory level of 4. Please search the status of the country before submitting a proposal.  

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control issues travel health warnings to alert citizens to widespread, serious outbreaks of a disease or to other public health concerns. A decision to cancel or proceed with a particular program in the face of a State Department announcement of any kind will be made by College officials based upon a thorough examination of the situation at hand and comprehensive gathering of information from all government and non-governmental sources.

2. Request pre-approval from the Senior Associate Provost pending satisfactory completion of requirements in the Faculty-Led Program Handbook.

3. Fill out Program Proposal Form and Budget form online. Please include syllabus, general itinerary and any contractual information (if applicable).


1. Once the trip has been pre-approved then Faculty Leaders may recruit students. Leaders may use academic criteria for selecting students such as an essay, or GPA, etc. Two faculty are required to go on each program abroad and participants are limited to 10-20 students. Additional travelers are NOT PERMITTED to accompany the group (with the exception of spouses of Faculty Leaders). After signups are complete, please send the Study Abroad Office a roster with all participant's names and emails.

2. ALL participants in the group must:

3. Faculty leader must:

  • Conduct several meetings with the group to cover country-specific orientation topics.
  • Check to make sure that none of the students are going to graduate before departure.
  • Set up and activate an assigned Marketplace Account with the Business Office so the students can make the required deposits online (no airfare tickets can be purchased until students have paid a substantial deposit toward the program cost)
  • Check that all participants received cards for International Health Insurance (the Study Abroad Office enrolls the group)

Note: After all applications are submitted to the Study Abroad Office and the initial Deposit is made to the Business office, then the Faculty Leader may proceed with making the travel arrangements.


The Study Abroad Office prepares Emergency Wallet Cards for each member of your group to take abroad with all important addresses and phone numbers. Participants should also carry a phone number for their insurance carrier.

Crisis Management guide for Faculty

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