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Faculty-led program abroad procedures


1. Make an appointment with the Senior Associate Provost for pre-approval pending satisfactory completion of requirements in the Faculty-Led Program Handbook .

2. Fill out Proposal form. Please include syllabus, general itinerary and any contractual information (if applicable). Please use the Budget form to plan expenses for the program. The Faculty Leader must submit the Proposal form to the Study Abroad Coordinator six months before departure.


1. Once the trip has been approved then Faculty Leaders may recruit students. Leaders may use academic criteria for selecting students such as an essay, or GPA, etc. A minimum of 2 faculty are required to go on each program and participants are limited to 10-20 students. The Faculty Leader must complete the Accompanying Member Approval form to request and receive approval from the Senior Associate Provost for any additional participants who are not enrolling in the class. Additional participants must have a specific purpose and role in the group otherwise he or she will not be approved to go.

2. ALL participants in the group must:

3. Faculty leader must:

  • Submit all student applications to the Study Abroad Coordinator as a group two months before departure.
  • Check that all participants have enrolled in the designated international health insurance through the Study Abroad Office.
  • Set up an Agency Account with the Business Office so the students can make the required deposits.

Note: After all applications are submitted to the Study Abroad Office and the initial Deposit is made to the Business office, then the Faculty Leader may proceed with making the travel arrangements.

Faculty Leaders may check out international cell phones (one per faculty) in the International Education office. These phones are to be used for business purposes and emergencies only. They are not for personal or student use.

The Study Abroad Office prepares Emergency Wallet Cards for each member of your group to take abroad with all important addresses and phone numbers. Participants should also carry a phone number for their insurance carrier.

Crisis Management guide for Faculty

Incident Report Form