Faculty-Led Programs Abroad

Faculty-led program abroad procedures

Approval Procedures

Faculty must first check viability of the program by researching the Travel Advisories and the CDC before applying. 

Travel Advisories,The State Department issues travel advisories for each country of the world.  The new advisories are listed as levels 1-4 regarding safety. Information about conditions are listed that may pose risks to the safety of U.S. citizens.  If the country you wish to take students to is at a level one or two, then the TTU group can travel. If the country is at a level 3, then the program will have to be reviewed closely by the Provost and the Study Abroad Office before a decision can be made. Faculty who choose to propose a country with a level 3 advisory must also propose an alternate location for their program. Faculty may not, under any circumstances, take TTU students to a country with an advisory level of 4. Please search the status of the country before submitting a proposal.  

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issues travel health warnings to alert citizens to widespread, serious outbreaks of a disease or to other public health concerns. A decision to cancel or proceed with a particular program in the face of a State Department announcement of any kind will be made by College officials based upon a thorough examination of the situation at hand and comprehensive gathering of information from all government and non-governmental sources.

  1. Faculty Leaders must complete the Proposal Form and Budget Form online and include the following information: syllabus, location, dates, general itinerary, and funding request information. The Budget Form requires more detail about specific costs and upon submission is copied to the Business Office.
  2. Faculty Leaders must print the Proposal Form and supporting documents and obtain approval and signatures from the Department Chair and College Dean.
  3. Faculty must make an appointment with the Senior Associate Provost to present Proposal Form for approval and signature then submit form and documents to the Study Abroad Office. 
  4. Faculty must comply with all procedures and complete all required forms as detailed in the Faculty-Led Programs Abroad Handbook in accordance with TTU Policy No. 290.

Recruitment and Application Procedures

  • Recruit 10-20 currently enrolled TTU students in good standing. Note: Students must be currently enrolled in the course at the time of departure and for the duration of the trip. 
  • Follow-up with the Business Office to set up a Marketplace Account so that students can make payments online.
  • Submit a roster of the participants to the Study Abroad Office including name, T# and email
  • Check group for passports and make copies
  • Have students complete online Student Application and make initial deposit (once applications are complete and appropriate deposits are made, travel may be arranged)
  • Participants must also complete a Protection of Personal Data Consent (only for groups traveling to the European Union)
  • Faculty Leaders and Spouses (if traveling with the group) must each complete the online Faculty/Spouse Application 
  • Make sure that students are registered for the corresponding course.
  • Meet with all study abroad participants together 3–5 times before departure to prepare the group for the program, culture and to develop group dynamics, etc. 

Final Steps

  • Arrange the MANDATORY orientation meeting that must be one month before departure with the Study Abroad Office
  • Submit passport copies/scans to Study Abroad Office
  • Complete the online Emergency Information Form
  • Register the group in the STEP Program with the U.S. Department of State and provide verification to the Study Abroad Office
  • Submit the Request to Travel Abroad Memo (sample)- Use department letterhead. Must be signed by the President and other officials
  • Check out international cell phones from the Study Abroad Office before departure, if necessary. 
  • The Study Abroad Office will enroll the group for the International Health Insurance and email the cards to students and Faculty Leaders
  • Emergency Wallet Cards will be distributed at the General Orientation session unless the hotels are not confirmed, then they will be given to the Faculty Leaders before departure.


  • Contact the Study Abroad Office within 24 hours after arrival to confirm all participants are safe and accounted for. 
  • Contact Study Abroad Office immediately if an incident or emergency occurs, then submit an Incident Report
  • Notify Study Abroad Office if student or another participant leaves the group. 
  • Provide initial on-site orientation upon arrival. Students are expected to follow the TTU Student Conduct Policy (No. 302) as if they were on campus
  • Collect receipts in an organized manner and itemize usage of any student funds, fund advances and other necessary expenses. These will be submitted to the Provost’s Office two weeks after return. Never loan students funds unless it is an extreme emergency. Faculty Leaders will not be reimbursed by Tennessee Tech University for any expenses that have not been pre-approved or for loaning money to participants. 
  • If using contracted services, ensure the Third-Party Provider is delivering services according to the contract.

After Return

  • Contact Study Abroad Office to report safe return of all participants
  • Present the program/travel expense report with receipts to the Provost’s Office within two weeks after return
  • Return the international phones to the Study Abroad Office within one week after return. 
  • Submit a written summary explaining activities done, and any feedback to the Study Abroad Office with two photos one month after return. This will be used for promotional purposes. If you submitted an article for the TTU news or a local newspaper, please send a link.
  • Follow-up on Incident Report(s) within one week after return
  • Award grades for the course and post on Banner

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