Procedures for Dual Services Agreement/Compensation

When a TTU employee provides services to another TBR/UT institution or an agency of the state of Tennessee, a Dual Services Agreement is required (you will normally sign one with TnCIS). It is the responsibility of the agency procuring the services (TnCIS) to prepare the Dual Services Agreement for signature by all parties. The following steps should be followed in processing Dual Services agreement with TTU as the Vendor Party to assure proper routing/approval and to provide for prompt and accurate payment to the employee.

    1.When the agreement is received by TTU it is to be forwarded to the Purchasing Office, who will review the document for form and completeness.

    2.The Purchasing Office will prepare the appropriate number of copies for signature, attach a Dual Services Agreement Routing Form to the face of the agreement copies, and forward the agreements and routing form to the Chair/Director of the employee’s department of employment (base department) to begin the approval routing process.

    3.The following approvals are required, and each office must sign the routing form to signify their review/approval of the agreement:

    a.Chair/Director of Employee’s Base Department

    b.Dean/Administrative Officer of Employee’s Base Department

    c.Human Resources

    4.After approvals as noted above have been signified on the routing form, the agreement and routing form are returned to the Purchasing Office, who will then send the contracts to the Procuring Party for signature. Once a fully executed copy of the agreement has been returned to the Purchasing Office, copies of the agreement will be distributed as follows:

    a.Copy #1: TTU Purchasing Office

    b.Copy #2: Department Responsible for Invoicing (Base Department)

    c.Copy #3: Human Resources

    d.Copy #4: Business Office (Attn: Cashiers)

    (Note: All copies may be distributed electronically.)

    5.It is the responsibility of the employee’s base department to invoice TnCIS for the employee’s services once services have been performed. The invoice(s) should reference the employee’s name and T#, the dates of service and amounts(s), and the purchase/contract order number assigned by TnCIS, if applicable. A copy of the invoice should also be sent to the Business Office (Attn: Cashiers).

    6.Once payment is received from TnCIS it is deposited into the appropriate departmental account and the employee is notified that the payment has been received. It is then the responsibility of the employee to work with their base department to submit an Extra Pay and Summer Pay Timesheet and Summary Form to Human Resources as authorization for payment. All extra pay documentation should originate in the employee’s base department, as each department is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all extra pay received by its employees.

    7.The employee’s payment will be included in the regular payroll distribution following receipt of the appropriate documentation as noted in #6 above. (Note: If complete and accurate documentation is received on or before the fifth calendar day of a month, the payment will be included in that month’s payroll cycle. If documentation authorizing payment is received after the fifth day of the month, the payment will be included in the following month’s payroll cycle.)