Forms & Checklist

Pre-Departure Requirements

Fall/Summer: March 15th
Spring/J-term: October 15th
Some programs and scholarships have earlier deadline dates so please give attention to details.
  1. Make an Appointment with the Study Abroad Office through Tech Connect

  2. Complete Study Abroad/Airfare Reimbursement Application (submit online)

  3. Academic Recommendation Form (Make an appointment with one of your professors and request a recommendation from them. Then follow up with and email and this link)

  4. Direct Deposit Form (used only for depositing airfare reimbursement into your account)

  5. Study Abroad Transfer Credit Form- Must be filled out with classes you plan to take abroad that will transfer to TTU. If you are not transferring credit from the host institution, then you must provide the Study Abroad Office with the departmental course that you plan to register for at TTU.  

  6. Financial Aid Forms-Must be filled out if using any type of Financial Aid during the study abroad term. If you are not planning to use Financial Aid this form is not required, however, you must inform the Study Abroad Office.

  7. Protection of Personal Data Consent-(only for students traveling to Europe)

  8. Sign up for STEP online- This registers you with the U.S. Embassy abroad for emergencies.  You must submit a confirmation of enrollment.  If you do not get an email verification, take a screenshot and send it to the Study Abroad Office.

  9. Sign up for International Medical Insurance- Many of the TTU programs have insurance included in the program fees, however, many of them do not.  If your program or host institution does not have insurance included, you will need to purchase International Medical Insurance.  This insurance must provide Medical Evacuation and Repatriation benefits along with regular medical coverage.  Please submit proof of coverage to the Study Abroad Office

  10. Submit copy of Passport- If you did not upload a copy of your passport in your initial application, take a pic of the photo page and send it to the Study Abroad Office.

All forms should be submitted to the Study Abroad Office in Derryberry Hall 434 or by email at

Re-Entry Requirements


AFTER returning to the U.S. - In order to complete your 10 hours of service in exchange for the Airfare Reimbursement you need to check out the Service Hours Options page to see what kinds of things you can do and how many hours each activity counts.  As you do the activities, you need to fill out the Study Abroad Service Hours Form. Once the form is completed, please turn it in to the Study Abroad Office or email it to

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