Study Abroad

Financial Aid

If you receive federal and/or state financial assistance you may apply it to all Tennessee Tech approved study abroad programs.

In order to receive financial aid for study abroad programs it is required that:

  1. You must take at least 6 credit hours abroad.
  2. All courses you plan to take abroad fit into your chosen major/minor in Degree Works.
  3. All programs/universities must be contracted with Tennessee Tech University.
  4. Study abroad forms must be completed and signed.

As a study abroad student you will receive your aid from Tennessee Tech at the same time you would normally receive your aid as if you were on campus. You may have to pay program fees or deposits before the financial aid release date, so please plan accordingly.  Discuss options with the Financial Aid Department.

Tennessee Tech Financial Aid Office
Tennessee Tech Scholarship Office
Your regular financial Aid and scholarships may not cover all of your study abroad costs. Please see the Study Abroad Scholarships page for more funding options.  In addition, several of the Tennessee Tech Partner Universities offer additional scholarships. 

There are many other ways to gather the necessary funds to go abroad. National academic organizations specific to your major, or their local chapters, might have scholarships available. Find out if your parents' employers offer a matching scholarship. Take odd jobs around campus. Set aside some money from your weekly paycheck specifically for going abroad. Forgo holiday gifts and ask for funds to be used to help you go abroad. Sometimes relatives are willing to contribute. Use your imagination to come up with other ways to find funds but most important, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.

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