Overall Study Abroad Program List

There are many options for students who want to study abroad. We have programs that are made specifically for your major and interests. Be sure to explore your options by searching through all of the links below.  If you need more help in narrowing down your choices, please make an appointment on Tech Connect.

Partner Universities

Students pay TTU tuition and fees and pay housing and meals in the host location.

Magellan Exchange

The Magellan Exchange is a very popular program at TTU. All of the schools offer Business classes taught in English, however, there are other classes offered for other majors. Students pay TTU tuition and pay housing and meals at the host institution. 

ISEP International Student Exchange Program

ISEP offers more than 200 different programs in 50 countries

  • ISEP - Exchanges :  Students on exchange pay TTU tuition, standard dorm room, and meal plan, then receive the estimated equivalent at the host university.
  • ISEP - Direct: Students pay tuition and housing cost of the host institution.

ISA - International Studies Abroad

ISA offers a wide variety of study abroad programs and courses.  ISA students pay directly to ISA for tuition, housing, etc.
SAI - Study Abroad Italy

SAI offers a wide variety of academic studies: from Business to all areas of Design; Art History to Environmental Studies; Studio Arts to Political Science, International Relations, Business and more in Italy, England, Spain and France.  Students pay directly to SAI for tuition and housing.

KEI - Knowledge Exchange Institute

KEI offers programs with classes all taught in English plus internships.


Offers intensive language learning.  Mainly for short-term study abroad, very inexpensive, and a large variety of countries and cities to choose from.  Students pay directly to NRCSA for tuition, housing, etc. Also, has limited internship opportunities.