• Explore and discover what type of study abroad you are looking for, check "how to choose a program" for tips
    • Attend a Study Abroad info session and/or the Study Abroad Fair.  
    • To assist you in your search, please use the “Search by Major” under Students on the website.
    • Make an appointment on Tech Connect to meet with a Study Abroad Advisor with to learn about some possible program options that fit your academic, financial and personal needs.
    • Talk to your Academic Advisor about different programs you are considering and how each fits into your 4-year academic plan.


    • Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor if you have more specific questions or need help choosing between programs. To make an appointment, use Tech Connect
    • Work with your Academic Advisor on course equivalencies and gather signatures from the department Chairs. You want to make sure that the courses offered by your chosen study abroad program will transfer back to TTU.
    • APPLY FOR YOUR PASSPORT – All students going abroad will need a valid passport. If you do not have a current passport, you should apply for one as soon as possible. Please note that certain countries will not issue a visa or allow you to enter the country if your passport is set to expire within 120 days of when you expect to return from abroad. Here is a link for passport application procedures:  Passport Application
    • Meet with the Office of Financial Aid to determine your financial aid eligibility for your proposed program. (forms included in the study abroad packet)
    • Apply to the study abroad program of your choice (see Study Abroad Advisor for instructions). 

  • Deadline

    Complete Study Abroad/Airfare Reimbursement Application and submit supporting documents (see link for Forms)

    Application Deadlines: Fall and Summer: March 15th

                                  Spring: October 15th

    Note: Some programs and scholarships have earlier deadline dates so please give attention to details.


    • Wait for notification of your application status. TTU reviews applications for some programs, while others are sent to the coordinating organization or partner universities for review. The time it takes to process and review the application and send notification varies. You will be notified of admissions decisions via email.
      • You will be required to complete and return additional post-acceptance forms.
    • Research airline tickets and purchase the one you want. It’s better to search for an airline ticket on the search engines, however, it’s better to make your purchase on the actual airline’s website. Send a copy of the airline ticket receipt to the Study Abroad Coordinator.
    • Apply for your student visa. Students in all programs have the responsibility to investigate requirements and obtain all necessary documents needed to apply for their visa(s). Plan ahead as this process can be cumbersome for some countries.
      • While the study abroad staff gives visa support, it is the sole responsibility of the student to apply for his/her own visa and provide all supplemental documents mandated by the Embassy or Consulate of their host country/countries.


    • Attend your mandatory pre-departure orientation session.
    • Finish the Transfer Credit Approval Forms (in packet) for all the courses you plan to take abroad, or may take and obtain all necessary signatures.
    • Students need to submit the completed forms to their Study Abroad Coordinator prior to departure. If this is not completed and approved before you depart, you run the risk of not earning credit for your courses taken while abroad/studying at another university.
    • Pay your tuition and other fees. Students will pay tuition to TTU on their regular payment schedules. If you pay tuition to the Host University or program, pay attention to the deadlines that are given.
      • Students will also need to submit payment for non-tuition costs (housing, program fees, etc.) to the sponsoring organization/institution. It is your responsibility to make these payments by the deadlines set by and/or your study abroad/exchange program.
    • Research your study abroad location and prepare for your time abroad. Preparing for study abroad is an important part of your overall experience. Take time to read about the country in which you will be studying.
    • Educate yourself about local issues and politics. Think about your host country’s culture, practices, and social norms. Preparing yourself for your time abroad will help you gain more insight into your host country.

    Bon Voyage! Счастливого пути! Gute Reise!


    • Make sure you request that a transcript be sent to the TTU Study Abroad Office before you return.


    • Follow up with the Study Abroad Office to make sure your transcript arrives and that your credits are posted properly.
    • Complete an evaluation, an essay and fulfill the required 10 service hours.
    • The Study Abroad Office also offers support to returning students.