How to Choose a Program

Define goals and objectives

Define your academic and personal objectives as the top priority. While it’s easy to imagine that the best way to begin your program search is to decide on a location, it can be helpful to consider other factors first. If you begin by first determining what you want to gain from the experience, it can help you to define the kind of program that is the best fit for you. Some factors to consider:


  • Do you want to study a specific subject while abroad or would you prefer to choose from a broad selection of courses?
  • Do you need to satisfy degree requirements while abroad or do you prefer to take elective courses of personal interest to you?
  • Visit your advisor to help you determine what foreign courses might satisfy your academic needs here at the TTU.


  • Do you want or need to take courses in a language other than English while abroad?
  • Do you want to learn another language abroad?


  • Are you flexible about the timing of your study abroad program?
  • Which semester or year might be best for your graduation plan?
  • Do you want to study abroad more than once?


  • Do you prefer an independent, autonomous experience in a foreign country or guided learning with TTU peers and instructors?
  • Do you prefer a highly structured program or one requiring a higher degree of personal motivation and self-reliance?


  • How important is the program’s location to your decision to study abroad?
  • How comfortable are you in new environments?
  • How do you define your travel comfort zone and how far are you willing to push your boundaries?


  • Do you want internship experience while you’re abroad?
  • Do you want to explore an international workplace environment?