Faculty/Staff Resources

TechConnect is a tool that can bring us all closer together to ensure that students have the support they need to be successful here at Tennessee Tech. TechConnect will be gradually phased in for the entire campus community. Click the TechConnect image below to be redirected to the login portal.

Button for TechConnect Logo

For Faculty, you can...

  • File progress reports for students who are at-risk in one of your classes.
  • Check to see which students have received tutoring. - Learn More Here
  • Report attendance to the Office of Advisement & Retention Services, so a Resident Assistant (if the student is living on campus) or an Academic Advisor can reach out to the students and encourage them to get back to class.
  • If you advise, students can schedule appointments with you and this calendar syncs to your Outlook Calendar. No reason to exchange several emails to schedule an appointment.

For Staff, you can...

  • Have quick access to student information that will assist you in helping students be more successful.
  • Assist students with scheduling appointments for advising and tutoring, and have students schedule appointments with your office.
  • Create a network of services for students and communicate with others across campus.
  • Develop and maintain notes to help you remember pertinent information about students.

College/School Support Specialists

Advanced users within the colleges/schools have been established to support faculty and staff with TechConnect. Below is a list of these users and their contact information.

TechConnect Specialists

College/School/Service Area Specialist
Agriculture & Human Ecology Chris Kohl (ckohl@tntech.edu)
Arts & Sciences Samantha Bates (slovelady@tntech.edu)
Business Brandi Lovin (blovin@tntech.edu)
Education Patrick Mannle (pmannle@tntech.edu)
Engineering Carol McGee (cmcgee@tntech.edu)
Fine Arts Patrick Mannle (pmannle@tntech.edu)
Interdisciplinary Studies Jeannie Smith (jeanniesmith@tntech.edu)
Nursing Shanna Rodgers (srodgers@tntech.edu)
Tutoring, Notary, & Library Research Lydia Kendall (LKendall@tntech.edu)
Administrative / Student Services