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University Connections

Below is a list of University Connection courses that fulfills the freshman seminar requirements according to major.

Transfer students with fewer than 12 hours should enroll in the University Connections class appropriate for their major. Transfer students with 12 or more hours may take a UNIV 1020 or UNIV 1020 equivalent course if they wish.

Connection Courses Academic Major(s)

AGR 1020


BIOL 1000


CEE 1020

Civil Engineering

CHE 1020

Chemical Engineering

CHEM 1500


ECE 1020

Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering

ENGR 1020

Basic Engineering, Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, & Computer Science

ESS 1020

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

EXPW 1021

Athletic Training, Coaching, Fitness and Wellness, Pre-Occupational Therapy, & Pre-Physical Therapy

FOED 1822

Child & Family Studies, Health & Physical Education, Multidisciplinary Studies, & Secondary Education

GEOL 1020


HIST 1066


HON 1010

*Honors Program Only

MSCI 1020

*STEM Majors from within the College of Arts and Sciences (mathematics and science disciplines)

NURS 1020


UBUS 1020

Accounting, Basic Business, Business Management, Economics, Finance, Marking, & World Cultures & Business (*specified section)

UNIV 1020

Art Education, Communication (*Department of Communication majors section), English (*Department of English and Professional Communication majors section), Fine Arts, General Curriculum, Political Science, Sociology, & Web Design

UNMU 1020


UNPP 1020

Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Health Information Management, Pre-Medical Technology, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, & Pre-Physician Assistant