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Who takes UNIV 1020?

All incoming freshmen and those students transferring from another institution with less than 12 college credits will take UNIV 1020. If you are a transfer student with more than 12 college credits, it will be your choice whether to take UNIV 1020.

When do you take UNIV 1020?

You take Univ 1020 your first semester as a freshman at TTU.

What is a UNIV 1020 equivalent course?

UNIV 1020 equivalent courses fulfill the UNIV 1020 requirement, but they have a prefix other than UNIV and sometimes a number other than 1020. The list of UNIV 1020 courses and equivalent courses will let you know which course to take.

What if my department offers a UNIV 1020 equivalent class?

UNIV 1020 courses are organized by major to provide you with knowledge of the expectations and qualifications of those who pursue careers in your chosen field. Students in some majors will find that their departments have created UNIV 1020 equivalent courses that fulfill the same goals and offer students the same experiences as UNIV 1020.

What if I don't have a major?

You take a general UNIV 1020 general class, that is a University 1020 section not designated for a specific major.

What if I am enrolled in the Honors Program?

You take Honors HON 1010 instead of UNIV 1020. There are a few exceptions to the previous statement, however. If your major is one of the following, you take HON 1010 plus the course listed: Human Ecology, HEC 1000; Biology, BIOL 1000; Business UBUS 1020; Chemical Engineering, CHE 1010; Nursing, NURS 1020; Exercise Science, EXPW 1021; Electrical Engineering, ECE 1020; Computer Engineering ECE 1020.