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University Connections

University Connections' Required Topics/Activities

Suggested Topics/Activities

  • Community Service
  • Computers at TTU, including use of iLearn
  • Clubs and activities in the department, the college and at the university
  • Getting to know faculty in the department, including staff
  • Where to get help, for example with math, with English, with emotional issues, with courses the student is taking
  • Careers and career planning
  • Information on internships, co-op opportunities, and study abroad
  • Journals
  • Conferences
  • Interviews
  • Academic success in the college classroom, including classroom etiquette
  • A semester-long project For example, students majoring in Professional Communication may produce a brochure on University Connections.
  • As much as possible, the course should be activity oriented and student generated. For example, students should go as a group to a club meeting or have the club meet in the class. Instead of the teacher telling the student about services the Counseling Center offers, the student could find the information on the web site and share it with the class.