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Miscellaneous Operations

Adjusted work schedule

Non-exempt/clerical employees may be asked (required) to work an adjusted work schedule on a week by week basis. For example, an employee needs to work at an event on Saturday--the employee may be asked to take off time the week before. Adjusted work schedules must be within a week; not a pay period.

Sick leave and/or annual leave are provided in order for employees to take care of personal business. Leave reports are subject to audit.

Adjusted work schedule hours are to be shown in the same blocks as comp time on the Summary/Leave Report.

With prior approval from the supervisor, administrative personnel (Object 1100 or 1600) may adjust work schedules within a day. Each administrative staff person must always work a minimum of 7.5 hours during the day or show appropriate leave time on monthly leave reports

Compensatory time

Non-exempt/clerical and support (Budget Object 1300) personnel may accrue and utilize compensatory time if overtime is required. Exempt/administrative (Budget Object 1100 or 1600) personnel are not eligible for compensatory time.

Compensatory time must be earned before it is taken, regardless of appointment--permanent full-time, percentage of full-time, part-time, or modified fiscal year. Time earned must be taken before the end of any pay period. Exceptions to the specific pay period requirement may be granted by the appropriate vice-president level position. Exceptions must be requested in writing and approved before the time is worked. However, without exception, all compensatory time must be utilized before the end of each fiscal year.

Compensatory time earned must be used before annual leave. However, when appropriate, sick leave can be used, even though compensatory time may have been accrued.

All compensatory time must be shown on the Summary/Leave Report submitted to Personnel/Payroll monthly. Actual hours earned and taken are shown. (When time and one-half applies, Personnel/Payroll staff calculate.)

Administrative (Budget Object 1100) personnel are not eligible for compensatory time.

Leave policy

Annual and Sick Leave are earned the first month of employment. Tennessee Board of Regents policy requires that an employee complete service for more than 50 percent of the month before leave is earned and can be taken.

After the initial appointment month, personnel continue to accrue annual and sick leave after 50 percent of the working days of each month has been completed on paid status; interpreted for the University to be eleven working days for each month except February--ten days. If an employee is off without pay for any reason/period before the earn date each month, the date will be moved an equal number of days; i.e. an employee must complete eleven days of paid service within the month before earning leave time. You do not start the count over after a break without pay for permanent employees who have completed at least one month of service.

Lunch Hour

All University employees are required to take one hour for lunch. No individual may work six (6) hours in a day without taking a lunch break. However an individual may work 5.9 hours, before taking a lunch hour. A temporary employee may work from 8 a.m. until 1:55 p.m. and then leave for the day without having taken a lunch hour (per discussion: S. Pogue/S. Rader, 5/13/99). Exceptions require the approval of the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Key control

Security should be maintained and is the responsibility of all University Advancement employees. The Administrative Assistant will maintain all unassigned keys in a locked key cabinet and a key inventory form for each office/employee. Appropriate forms should be signed by the Vice President or his designee before issuance of keys.

Sales tax

Neither the University nor its foundations pays sales tax on items purchased for use by its own personnel.

Foundations must pay sales tax on any set fee which they collect; regardless of whether it is the price of an item or for services such as shipping and/or handling. (If a charge is levied for shipping and/or handling--and varied, based on weight, etc., for postage charges only--then sales tax is not necessary.) Personnel responsible for items to sell or events must check with the Business Office in advance to ascertain taxability of income. Per Business Office accountant (Vic Gernt), foundations may choose to pay to the vendor(s) sales tax on meals and will therefore not have to charge/pay sales tax on the amount collected from participants.


New subscriptions for periodicals, newspapers, etc. must be approved in advance by the appropriate University vice president. A memo from the requester should be sent to the vice president before a requisition is processed.

Tickets (athletics, meal, etc.--sold or complimentary)

No University Advancement employee will be given tickets unless they are required to work at/during an event (football game, or other). If a University employee is required to work, only the employee will be given a complimentary ticket; not family members or friends.

University Advancement employees responsible for issuing complimentary tickets must follow University policy for accounting for such tickets.

The Athletics Department is responsible for maintaining audit trails for disbursement of all athletics tickets purchased through University Advancement accounts. Athletics should forward a report after each game to the attention of the Vice President for University Advancement.